Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Wore: Witch Hike

It is no secret that my best friend crystal and I love dressing up! no matter the occasion. we had talked about dressing up every day on our vacation but it didn't end up happening. but we DID dress up like witches on our hike. we didn't do the green paint, but i think the sepia colors look better than way.
i'm going to pretend this is an outfit post. but i read lots of "fashion" blogs even though i'm not very fashionable. most of my posts would say: jeans: old navy cardigan: target 2009 shoes: converse circa 1999. haha.

behind the scenes!

once we got to the top the light was so harsh and we were whining about not being able to get good pictures. mostly i was whining. i'm glad we ended up taking pictures though.

we got thomas to take a million pictures of us, hoping we'd get some cute ones.

after we were done travis threw the broom he made me over the side. i think that was his favorite part of the day.
once we got back to the cabin crystal played with the photos while the rest of us played a rousing game of settlers of catan (so dorky! so fun!). here are some of my favorites! i love how they came out!

hat: vintage from grandma bettie's attic glasses: see eyewear dress: old navy summer 2009 tights: performance studios capeish thing: ? shoes: converse all stars


  1. you all should do santa rampage...its a pub crawl in nashville dec 10. You wear adapted santa year I was dr. santa...this year its Fishy Claus (so I can wear my mermaid tail) or snuggy santa

  2. lovely. im going to catch up on your blorg now. internet!!


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