Friday, December 16, 2011

Ode to Baja Burrito

I feel like I've mentioned this place a million times before but I had to devote a whole post. Baja Burrito on Thompson Lane is my very favorite place to eat. It is really close to our house, and we go through phases where we eat there 3 times a week! If I could afford to eat there every day I would. I had actually never had a burrito until two summers ago (for some reason i thought I would hate them even though i love mexican food?) but I was forced to eat here and fell in love.

It is a Nashville original. There is a chain called Blue Coast Burrito that is a franchised version but don't be fooled! It isn't nearly as good! They charge more for less food and the rice is always crunchy. Yuck.

I love them because all of their beans are vegetarian! I LOVE pinto beans but most places use pork to flavor them. These are amazing without that! And I like that they aren't refried. I get a maximum rice and bean burrito every time. Usually a small because the regular is so huge! We like to get them to sneak into the movies. Burritos are the perfect movie food if you didn't know.

Their fresh salsa is pretty great. The pineapple mango is our favorite but I also really love the tomatillo. And the horchata! Oh my gosh I want to go get a burrito right now! Travis loves their fish tacos and taco salad too. But I'm a creature of habit and always get the same thing.

So there it is, my favorite place to eat in Nashville.


  1. Stop it! Now I want one! :) Y'all crack me up eating burritos in the movies. I once took in a Bojangles biscuit and when I left, I had a cockroach sitting on my shoulder when I got outside. No joke. Since then, just popcorn.

  2. hahah, that is so gross! i always feel like i might get some cockroaches riding home with me when we go to the dollar fifty theatre in hickory hollow.

  3. your first burrito was two summers ago?! mind = blown.

  4. wow! the food does look super fresh!!!! wayyyyy nicer than moe's!

  5. Oh how I miss that place! I don't know why I don't suggest we eat there every time I am in town. Hahah! And I agree, Blue Coast is never as good. They don't even list a vegetarian option on the menu! The first time I went I was like "Umm, can I just get a burrito with beans and rice?" It was awkward.

    We live close to a Salaritas and that has become my stand-in for Baja. Not the same, though.


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