Friday, December 30, 2011

Thing I Ate in 2011

As I was going through my posts to make my 2011 recap post I noticed I take lots of pictures of food. So I decided I'm going to post about food I ate this past year. Because I am a dork.
Highlights: Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Onigari from the Happy Eating food truck, the amazing hand cut fries from the dog of Nashville, Pizza from Mellow Mushroom.
Highlights: Stroop Waffles! Pancake Pantry forever.
Highlights: Falafel from Istanbul in Nashville
Highlights: Best cinnamon roll ever at Tomato Head in Knoxville, salted caramel ice cream from Jeanie's in Nashville
Highlights: Smart Dogs (roasted over a fire only), sweet potato pancakes, Waffle House is always a favorite.
Highlights: Yorkshire pudding from the Harry Potter cookbook, fish sandwich from McCreary's in Franklin, truffle fries at Hammerheads in Louisville, pizza muffins! Butterbeer popsicle.
Highlights: Apparently I ate LOTS of pancakes this year. And of course burritos from Baja Burrito, raspberry coffee cake. 

Lots of grilled cheese from Sonic when we're on the road, derby's from the Dairy Kastle in Lousiville, and more fish and chips and burritos. What a delicious year I have had! Next year I will try to eat more green, and less yellow. 


  1. Dang! You make me want to go eat a bunch of stuff! Oh god, yes...yellow food. Yellow food is the best stuff on Earth. I get a grilled cheese from Sonic at least a couple of few times a week. One time the car hop (who is eternally cute and perfect) said, "Hon! You're going to TURN INTO a grilled cheese!"

  2. i feel really hungry right now...

  3. @eartha hahah, that made me laugh out loud! i've never gotten a friendly car hop at sonic. once my mom told me i was going to turn into a mashed potato. which i would be fine with.

  4. DAMN, I'm painfully hungry right now and this post didn't help. Seriously major totally big time over the top YUM. :)

  5. Obviously Eartha said it best above.."Dang! You make me want to go eat a bunch of stuff! " MMMmmmmmmm.

  6. I have enjoyed your blog for a while now. This post just cinched it... your review is the best I have seen for 2011. What is better than a food review.

  7. Wow, gorgeous photos! I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures and drooling over these photos this past year!! I can't wait to see what you eat in 2012! :)

    (and those truffle fries at Hammerheads are to die for!!!)


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