Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 in Review: The Final Post!

All right, I finally finished going through pictures for my year in review! Here is our final installment:

Dog Day in the park / the flea market was awesome / spent the afternoon in the backyard with the pugs / helped style a vintage Christmas photoshoot / got to hang out with my brother's puppy / went to Missouri to celebrate Grandma Betty's 80th!
Dog stroller! / More flea marketing / decorated for Halloween for the first time in years / helped my friend build the perfect Seymour Krelborn costume / Pugtoberfest / pumpkin patching with my mom / Dia de los Meurtos / last minute witch costume
BFF vacation in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge / Hiking in the Smokies / Knoxville / Magiquest / Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum / Meeting Raja
Awesome estate sale / lots of Christmas decorating / Crafting ornaments / making a wreath / fawning over my aluminum tree all month long. 

And I had to post a few of my favorite finds of the year:
Cute dog art / really great paint by number / prettiest mint working sewing machine / new daruma collection / our velvety sofa bed / a great stash of vintage linens / JR Deluxe Collection / My perfect tree / free pink toilet! 

I after looking through all these, i must confess I had a pretty awesome year. Even if some plans had to get pushed to the back burner, and we had lots of unexpected expenses. And I can't believe we just got Priscilla this year! It feels like we have had her forever. So here is hoping I can have a fantastic 2012 too! Here are some things I'm looking forward too: 
3 day merchandising trip for work (seriously, i LOVE merchandising) 
the wizarding world in February
our TEN YEAR dating anniversary! 
hopefully participating in 1000 pugs
Boca Raton beach trip
Disney World in December (this is my florida year apparently) 
Seeing a lot of my family I don't see often at a wedding soon
and I'm sure a million more fun things will come my way!

Thanks for reading my blog this year!

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  1. You DID do a lot this year! Ahh...youth. I hope that 2012 makes 2011 look shabby.


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