Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Winter Estate Sale

I have been trying to avoid estate sales as of late. I'm saving for our trip to the wizarding world so I haven't even been look at listings. But I did make it out to this one before my self inflicted ban. Look at this great house!
Inside it was PACKED full. And I went on the fourth day. I can't even imagine what awesome stuff they must have had on the first day. I had to go to work so I didn't get to dig as much as I would have liked. What a bummer.
I couldn't resist this. There was something about it I just had to have. I love the light on the top.
There were PILES and PILES of blankets and afghans. I was good and only got one, a long thin one in almost rainbow stripes. The upstairs was just full of boxes upon boxes of stuff. Oh if only I had a whole day to go through them.
Since it was the last day they were almost giving stuff away. Travis found some 8MM films, we were really excited because we have been looking for some for our projector! But let's just say they weren't the wholesome family movies we were hoping to find. Hahah.
Do you ever want to buy stuff like cute boxes and packaging? Don't worry. I didn't buy this old box even though I LOVED it. This was in the second garage. I walked in to find about 6 feet of boxes piled up. I said "Oh my god!" and the woman who was digging through the stuff was like "I have heard that about 15 times in the last thirty minutes." I was pushing it with getting to work on time, so I had to leave with just an awesome vintage garland (25 cents!!). I don't even want to think about the vintage goodies that had to have been in that garage!
These clocks are from a different sale the same day.
Look at how cute those graphics are! I really love them. I haven't been able to find out much about it online. It has a spring on the bottom so it probably had something cute dangling from it originally.
I've got a little collection of this style of clocks now. I just can't resist.
These pins were from another sale that day. They were together on a table and I asked the guy at the cash box how much they wanted, thinking at least 5 bucks each. And he said "How about a dollar for them all?" and I could hardly pull my dollar out fast enough! That made up for the fact that the amazing ornaments I had gone to the sale for were gone. I got my tree skirt at this sale too. It was great.

Oh, looking at these pictures makes me want to pull up! I must resist!


  1. Wowee! Where was that white house? That yellow clock and the pins are KILLING me. Yay for you! Wear all of those animal pins at once for me, would ya? Love them.

  2. Great scores. I could just get lost in a sale like that.

  3. oh my god! every day! you are the queen of estate sales.

  4. Are you going to wizarding world when you're down here for the wedding? When are you coming down and how long are you guys staying for?

  5. Hi,
    Its me Tweedles, and I wanted to thank you for visiting me, and your comment that means so much to me!
    I came to visit you, and I see that you love treasures! I do too!

  6. Wow, it sounds amazing! I've never been to an estate sale before. And I just love the little cuckoo clock!!

  7. That yellow woodlands creatures clock is so lovely and you must give those brooches an outing and show us real soon.

  8. You did get the Jackie and John Kennedy portrait, right? It's amazing!! And the yellow clock is the sweetest thing ever! I have a mad itch to go to some estate sales now...

  9. I love sales like that, they are few and far between though. Wish they were all like that.

  10. OMG, the cuteness of it all! And I would have snatched up that JFK & Co picture! In fact, I have quite the collection of those cool frames.

    I've put myself on a self-imposed thrifting ban too, but those pins and that clock almost make me want to run out NOW! :)

  11. oh your clock and cuckoo are wonderful

  12. So excited to see that mini cuckoo clock - my grandparents gave me that EXACT one when I was a kid as a gift from their trip to Switzerland. I adore that beautiful deer clock as well. What an amazing sale.

  13. Eep! I am totally pulling up!!! I've been wanting to go to one forever!

  14. We don't really have Esate sales here (south africa) like you guys do. I can't belive the cool stuff you found. I'm so super jealous!
    Can't I send you dollars for postage and stuff, and then you buy nice stuff for me and then box it over to Joburg :)



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