Monday, January 2, 2012

Year In Review: Part Two

Here is the second part of my year in review. Isn't it funny how much you forgot happened in the last year? So much of this seems so long ago! 

Crystal and I got the same glasses / There were tons of huge storms and one knocked over the big tree in our backyard / crazy cicada time happened (i hardly went outside all month!) / we celebrated our 3 wedding anniversary / phyllis and priscilla were the cutest things in the world

helped with a photoshoot and held baby bunnies / road trip to st. louis / pez convention / city museum / st. louis zoo and akc dog museum / bought a sling for phyllis
went to pugs in the park then forgot about the gatherings for the rest of the year / ate my first kinder egg all the way from new zealand / had pizza buds for the first time and died of deliciousness / saw harry and the potters twice / hosted a wizard's feast / cried a river at the last harry potter movie / celebrated fourth of july playing games with friends / my hair was the longest it has been in 10 years! / got my septum pierced (it feel out and closed up in my sleep. bummer)

Memphis for Elvis Week / Travis got his lifetime membership at Graceland, Too / attended the Elvis Vigil / Went to the Pink Palace / short trip to Louisville for thrifting and ice cream / bought costumes for the girls and took them on lots of walks 


  1. Haha I love how Kinder eggs made the cut. If you want canadian ones, let me know!

  2. your blog is such a good motivator. it always gets me excited about moving to tn.

  3. Your blog posts are my favorite. They are always good for a smile and some inspiration, usually peppered with a little jealously over your awesomeness. I miss you, Rae!

  4. lookslike you had a busy but fun year!! I love reading about your little adventures :)


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