Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve

Like last year I had a really low key new years even and it was pretty much perfect. We gathered at my BFF's house and cooked and played games and danced and watched the ball drop. Crystal dyed her hair pink! It looks like an awesome wig. 

We played pictionary first. Crystal and I won, even though I couldn't guess this monstrosity.

Thomas gave me a stuffed piece of bacon. And just WAIT until you see what Marc made for me! I have to take a good picture of it first, but it is pretty incredible. One of my favorite presents EVER.

While the boys cooked dinner and cake for us, Crystal and I danced and played with the strobe light. I really hope their neighbors could see us through the windows.

A variety of grilled cheese. Mine had a fried egg on it. YUM.

We busted out Settlers of Catan of course. Are any of you obsessed with this game too? We all have a set now. That amazing blue settlement chain is mine! I did really good, FINALLY.

I always buy these "Krisp Kringles" because they are cute, but they don't taste that good.

Delicious cake! Homemade icing with accidental butter chunks.

Then I won the game! And Crystal won second! It was a new year's miracle! I have never won before.

Then we watched the ball drop, drank sparkling cider, sang auld lang syne and parted ways. It was totally nerdy and relaxed and just perfect. I love having a little group of friends who are like my family. We tried to find somewhere to road trip to today, but everything is closed new years day.

Travis and I slept in really late today, then cleaned the house, threw out all the Christmas candy, and went and bought food to do the 28 day challenge from Whole Living. This is the year we stop being junkatarians and really start to eat vegetables like we should. The goal is to change our tastes so we aren't slaves to sugar and bread and cheese. I'm excited! I love a goal.


  1. Is the pictionary drawing Popeye??
    Strobe lights how cool!

  2. looks like a perfect NYE! i can't wait to re-start the challenge tomorrow! we can do this!

  3. Looks like an awesome New Year's Eve :)

  4. FUN!

    2012 is the year I kick sugar. SERIOUSLY.

  5. Might need to pick up a copy of the 28 Day Challenge. I am the worst junkatarian.

  6. Our New Years was pretty nerd-a-rific as well. Board games, food galore, and we added some Apple Pie Moonshine. Looks like you had a ball, Happy New Year!

    What Lola Wants

  7. your new years looks like it was SO fun! that's exactly how i would choose to spend it had i not had to work!

  8. i think these are the best kind of gatherings, quiet and familiar and fun. we spent our nye watching ghostbusters, haha, and it turned out pretty perfect.

  9. That looks like a blast! Popeye? I think so. We're also thinking of doing the 28 day challenge but as for now, too much pie in the fridge and as the Mister is reincarnated from someone who grew up in the great depression, we have to eat it all first. I know...sad and ridiculous. Happy New Year!

  10. hahaha yes. it was popeye. THANK YOU, people! It's hard drawing under such pressure.


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