Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 In Review: Part One!

One of my favorite things to do every year is make a year in review post! You can see some previous ones here:
I decided to divide it up into three posts so it wouldn't be one HUGE one. The best part of making a year in review post is it helps you remember all the amazing things you did during the past year. As a whole, 2011 was a hard year for us. I felt like I had a bad luck streak starting in November of 2010 when Rose was killed. But I'm hoping it is over and 2012 is going to be amazing! So here we go:

Perfect New Years Eve / More snow than I've ever seen! / Forced to buy a new car / went to Knoxville for a beard pageant / Our last foster boy, Johnny Cash gets adopted and I cry a river (why we don't foster anymore)

We paint the last room in our house that hadn't been painted / I finally hang up art after living here a year / I put Phyllis in a canon / Fun BFF road trip to the space center in Alabama / Baby meerkats

Made a flower bed / My brother got a puppy! / Pugs in the Park / Trip to Unclaimed Baggage / We take Phyllis on a walk around the neighborhood / A trip to the zoo / We babysit Chloe for the first time / Travis turns 26 / Road Trip to Atlanta / Go to my first estate sale in years, starting the obsession

I turned 26 / Set up my craft room and sewed some curtains / A work friend sent me a picture of "parsley" on her cell phone...Priscilla joined our family the next day / made some terrariums / couldn't afford lady gaga tickets so went to the drag club after party instead / amazing raspberry cake / lots of vintage hunting / took phyllis on a hike and made her ride in my back pack

I had so much going through the photos to make this post! I really had a lot of fun in 2011. 


  1. what program do you use to turn your photos into a circle? very cool idea I did my favorite top ten finds of the year (although I have more than ten I really love)

  2. i did it in photoshop! it took me FOREVER to figure out how.

  3. its pretty cool Ill have to see if I can do it

  4. i'll try to explain it becky! I open my image and get it ready to go, then i make a new blank layer. THEN i made a circle with the circle selection tool, move it to where i want it, then merge the layers, select inverse, hit delete. that deletes everything outside of the circle. then i crop it to the size i want! there is probably an easier way to do it, but i don't know it.

  5. i love reading these so much! i'm just not good at reading them when you write them. but eventually i think i read them all. you know me. slowbee.


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