Thursday, April 7, 2011

Travis Turns 26

we have internet again! and it's WIRELESS. i feel so fancy. my parents had aol dial up and we've been stealing wireless or using that stupid verizon plug in thing since we got married. i'm very excited. we're both on the internet at the SAME TIME. it's a novelty for us for sure. i have over 700 blog entries on my blog lovin feed to catch up with. oh internet, i love you.

so now i've got a lot of catch up on! here are some pictures from travis' birthday. he turned 26 this year. it was the usual, shopping and tattoos. and this precious gremlin:

phyllis has started to feel like she needs to leave the house with us every time we go. gone are the days she laid down quietly on our bed or on the couch, ready to sleep until we get home.

but now she barks at me. it is pretty stinking cute. she has a tiny bark.

as a treat i went with him to the goodwill outlet, his favorite place.

we dug through tons of stuff. i definitely have to be in the mood to go there. 
but you can find great stuff for pennies!

some stuff in our cart. if we go together we always end up with tons of books. i didn't end up getting the shoes. i already have pink converse. i was just excited to find something in my size.

we ate lunch at travis' favorite restaurant. this place is the reason we haven't given up fish yet.

ran into a friend. somehow no matter when we are in downtown franklin, we always run into him.

yuuuummmmmmm fish and chips! so good. i always burn my mouth because i can't wait.

birthday boy.

we went to a little gardening store that has suddenly gotten really cute. 
i was inspired to make a terrarium later in the week. it's not as cute as that though.

i'm really interested in getting one of these. i could have plants inside! that the cats wouldn't eat!
we had about two hours to kill so travis wanted to go to one of our favorite antique malls.

how lucky am i to have a husband whose fondest wish is to antique with me?

i kinda want tobuy that jackalope. i still haven't decided how i feel about owning taxidermy.

i got to meet this dog! she is a japanese chin and her name is sooki! i SCREAMED when i saw her. how embarrassing. but her owner was impressed i knew the breed. i'm a dog dork.

travis really wants a hat like this. it was too small. thankfully.

this is what we got. i'm glad i got presents for travis' birthday. haha.

time for his appointment! we're one session away from finishing his half sleeve! hopefully.

jason put a tv in his room. travis made that face for most of the session. haha.

crystal stopped by and we went to get cupcakes. they accidentally matched her outfit.

we played the game where you have to get something on each page tattooed on your body. it is almost as fun as the you have to make out with one of these people game.

apparently under the arm is a terrible spot. great. that's what i'm getting done next!

i showed this to travis and jason so they would laugh. but i would totally get that.

here is what he got worked on. about 5 hours straight! the last sessions are the hardest i think because it doesn't seem like a lot changes, just lots and lots of detail work. the cat was my idea.

then we put phyllis in a backpack. after travis took a shower we went to see tombstone (part of the retro series at a local theater). i was complaining about it, but it was actually pretty good.

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  1. I love it when dogs get confident enough to start barking. It's just so funny the first dozen times. You just want them to keep doing it.

    Those cupcakes can't have been easy to eat.


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