Wednesday, March 30, 2011


we dont' have internet at home right now and it's killing me!! i am being very over dramatic about it pretty constantly. but i think we're going to get a new service next week. so i guess i'll just have to tough it out. so here are some pictures. i have a ton i need to post!
the other day i got to dog sit for a friend from work. he has a sweet little dachsund named chloe.

it was awesome. she is totally calm and really good. travis says he likes dog sitting much better than fostering because he can relax and not worry about them peeing everywhere. she and phyllis got along really well too. check out this photobomb:

i might like getting taco salads better than a burrito now. i actually had my first taco salad ever in one of those crispy shells two days ago. i don't know how i went so long. it was amazing.

we're still obsessed with sweet cici's. i'm so glad frozen yogurt is so trendy right now. we went the other night before we went to one of the "retro" movies at the local theater. can you guess what movie we were seeing by this picture?

probably not. here's a hint: dr. grant.


  1. jurassic park?!!! i like chloe's pretty little eyes.

  2. I do great impressions. I should take the show on the road.


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