Friday, April 8, 2011

Pugs in the Park: March Meetup

the march pugs in the park was the best meetup i've been too yet. the weather was fantastic so a lot of people showed up, including a TINY four month old pug puppy! i didn't get any pictures of her because she was CRAZY and wouldn't sit still for a second. but i definitely cuddled the little darling every time she ran by me.

phyllis loves all the attention she gets at the meetups. pugs in general get a lot of attention if you take them out, but a three legged pug gets even more. she has definitely forced me to be less shy. 

the lady hugging the pugs is so funny. i have no idea what her name is (her dogs are bella and oreo). she is really into meetup and kisses all over every dog there. i really like her. 

google poses majestically on the rock wall.

phyllis isn't quite so stunning. haha.

jasper peeking around travis' hairy leg.

ernie is travis' favorite.

we retreated to the shade for a while because it was too hot in the sun for the pugs. that the only thing i do no like about pugs. they can't handle very warm temperatures so you have to keep them home most of the summer.

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  1. I love how at the dog park everyone knows all the dogs but never the owner's names!!!


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