Friday, April 8, 2011

Milo and Otis

while i was on my mini vacation one of the projects i tackled was finally getting the rest of my stuff from my parents house. it has been almost 3 years since i moved out so i guess it was time. one of the things i found (among 50 pounds of drawings and art supplies) was this book that i bought at the scholastic book fair when i was in kindergarten:

Milo and otis has been one of my favorite movies for as long as i can remember.(for a while travis had the theme as his ringtone when i called him) what is weird to me now is i was never interested in getting a pug even after viewing this movie approximately 1000 times. i actually haven't watched it again since becoming pug crazy so we're watching it today before we go to work. and on man now it's even cuter.

it's from japan, and was originally called Koneko monogatari . Have you seen it? The idea is a cat and dog are best friends. curious cat gets into a box and gets swept down a river. his dog friend follows him, and they have adventures and grow up. it is probably the cutest movie i've ever seen. and dudley more is the narrator and does all the voices. I especially love his mother cat voice. and the part where the fox is swimming and singing. i like to sing like that in the shower to make travis laugh. 
i think my favorite thing now is the fact that the pugs are the "farm dogs." probably the worst choice you could make for a farm dog. and there is the weird bear fighting scene where the poor pug has to swim and fight a baby bear. and the animals giving birth kind of disturbed me as a little kid. and now i can tell how the dog and cat change (otis is sometimes obviously a girl). but i still love it. and i can see phyllis and rose in otis and see how scared that poor dog is out in the ocean on the rock, and riding on the turtle trying not to fall off.


  1. I LOVE THAT MOVIE. When I was little my grammy had a stroke and lost her ability to talk but she could say "kitty"...we would watch it with her all the time. I like that they have British accents. I imagine if I had a pug, I would give him a faux British accent.

  2. i always liked that the girl pug was french.

  3. The dog fighting the bear scene and the kitten accidentally floating down the river scarred me for life. As you know, I havent seen this since I was little and remember it as the SADDEST MOVIE EVER.


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