Friday, April 8, 2011

Cherry blossom festival and the flea market

a few weekends ago there was a japanese cherry blossom festival downtown. i was pretty excited about it, i heard about it at happy japan, and they said it would be really fun. it was kind of a bummer though.

i shoulda worn a costume. that might have made it more fun.

i had my first onigiri. i've been wanting to start making these for my bento. (i've been really lazy and haven't done any boxes since february. 

the happy japan booth had lots of cute stuff. but the prices were crazy! the totoro phone charms were 10 bucks! the SAME ones i bought for 3.50 at the store. dumb. 

omg this was so awesome! it has sensors all over it's body and reacts when you touch it! it leans into your hand when you pet it. what an awesome invention.

i almost asked this girl where she got that cute skirt. i love it!

travis got a bun and i got some mochi (it was really good) and we left for the flea market. i was sad that the festival was so lame. 

at the flea market my favorite section was finally open! the horse barns always have such good stuff!

old metal fort!

yes. that is a john malkovich nesting doll. it had john cusack and cameron diaz inside. the gy had NO IDEA what we were talking about when we asked about it. why didn't i buy it? why does it even exist?

stopped for a snack. what a creative spelling of pretzel.

i was so excited about this nacho cheese. but it was so sick and thin! 
and that pretzel was so freaking salty. blech.

dog section! i found a little glass dog that is exactly like one my great grandfather had at his house.

troll animals! so ugly!

this was so cool! i wonder what the deal is. is it some kind of reproduction/decorating thing?

that seems really dangerous.

guess what i bought out of this picture. haha.

i kind of want to buy this bed for phyllis. how cute would she look sleeping in it?

travis said we should get her his stroller. cute.


  1. i love everything in every. single. picture.

    ahhh onigiri! i'm so jealous! i've been wanting to make it and i was kind of bummed at the gas station onigiri we saw in japan (i want plain or something veggie and everything was fish :/ )

    also, that skirt looks like it's from angelic pretty!

    and you totally have to get that bed for's perfect!

    (btw this is mainline__life from livejournal...i tried to comment as that but for whatever reason it said it couldn't verify my info?? haha)

  2. oh man you shoudn't have shown me that site. and again, why don't we live close to each other?

  3. 1. I want those Malcovich nesting dolls. I kind of collect them.

    2. Dog in a bowler hat is something no one can pass up.

    3. Troll animals are terrifying.

  4. HAhaha troll animals. I love the thomas as a dog portrait.


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