Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flea Market Finds

Of course i have to show you what we got at the flea market. I was excited about finally setting up my craft room and i was thinking it would finally have a spot with good light to photograph stuff like this. but no, still not very much natural light coming in. i guess i just have to accept that my dining room table is the only decently lighted place in the house. so here are some weirdly lit pictures:

we found another butter dish we liked. if the cats break this one i give up.
vintage knobs for our kitchen cabinets! i was really excited to find these, and for 3 bucks each! i was thinking about getting some reproduction ones that were going to cost more. now all our knobs match! we also finally found some matching little crystals to hang on the light in our dining room. there was an annoying gap.

i have a cute vintage thread holder so was on the lookout for wooden spools. the first place i found them was selling them for a buck each, so i only got three, but then in the horse barn i got a whole box full for 2 bucks! yay!

no i have too many. i'll find something to do with them though.
the rabbit and deer are from another day, but i was really excited to find that dog. it is exactly like one my parents have that is from my great grandpa's house. i love it.

this is from another day too. but i love him and had to show him. i got him at the goodwill outlet. 23 cents!


that vintage photo was so silly i had to buy it. same with that trading card.

cute vintage books for 50 cents a piece. i had to get socks because he looks just like murray!

loved this page. did you know zoo vets hide medicine for bears in ice cream cones? haha.

scampi jumped up on my chair and stared at phyllis every single time i got up.
my friend brittany brought me the front unicorn from her trip to arizona. the one in the back i bought at a yard sale when i was 10 years old. i was SO excited when she presented the new one too me. even though it's horn seems weird to me after all these years with one with a broken horn.


  1. That is a saweet butter dish! The other stuff is also neat, of course. You are a master thrifter/antiquer.

  2. I STILL haven't made it to the flea market yet can you believe it! It looks like there's so much great stuff. Maybe this month I can make it

  3. That is such a cute little plush dog!

  4. I love all your finds! Your butter dish is fantastic! I love the patchwork piggy. Too adorable, I mean just TOO adorable! Plus, the children's books are wonderful too. So many good finds, so glad you shared!

  5. What an enviable assortment you have there! So many special items...the amazing butter dish, knobs, cottons and patchwork dog.

  6. the knobs and patchwork dog are perfect - love!

  7. love your finds especially the vintage children books! The knobs are beautiful too! Following you.

    love from

  8. the thread on those bobbins looks strong and colourful, what a find! equally lovely are those glass knobs. i have a huge cupboard that has exactly those knobs, and i miss the sight of them, since cupboard in storage...
    oh, long story! ;)

  9. I know this is an older post, but you're so lucky that you found that Pyrex Butterprint Butter Dish! Great Job! Hope the cats didn't get it! Haha


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