Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Huntsville Trip: Post 1: The Journey

ok, so i started with over 800 pictures, got it down to 130, then took a second pass and got it down to 94. I could still probably delete a ton but i just can't seem to do it! So here is post 1 about our trip to the space and rocket center in huntsville, alabama!

i went here in the 5th grade and the only thing i remembered was eating lunch at a picnic table. and my vague recollections of the actual center were completely different than what the place actually looks like.

we met up at 6:30 in the morning. travis and i were really good and had fruit and smoothies from breakfast. but then crystal wanted to stop at hardee's and we couldn't resist. look at this crap!
i thought i was getting cinnamon rolls, but it turned out to be biscuits with caramel and icing. it looks kind of gross, but tasted like fluffy pancakes. here is a gross picture with too harsh sun:
crystal and i were in the front seat listening to nicki manaj and gossiping, and the boys were in the backseat reading. we saw this cute train car and decided to stop. the boys were very confused and kept asking if we were there. 

it said "garden car" on the side. i don't know why it was out here. 
it wasn't in front of a business or anything. 

that picture of travis makes me laugh SO MUCH.

look at that red clay!

it stuck to my shoes so bad! i can't believe we didn't get it all over crystal's car.
oh yeah, and some of these pictures are mine, some a crystal's. 
i can't even remember which. but it doesn't matter.

the boys, waiting for us to get done as usual.
first we have to scrape all the mud off. i somehow cut myself during this little side track and i got really grossed out and hoped i hadn't cut it on rusty metal or one of those septic tanks. i asked travis for a bandaid and this is what he gave me
apparently he didn't even realize he handed me a hello kitty band-aid. he thought he had stocked his first aid kit with regular band-aids. cute.
allright, 17 photos and we haven't even gotten there. 

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  1. Great photos! Nothing wrong with kids band aids! they are way more fun!


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