Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Trip to Knoxville

model the beard i made for the beard pageant we're going to tonight.

check out my new car! i think it looks very classy. i was sad when my other car broke now but it's fun to have one that works well again. it's a 2004 hayundai sonata.

crazy gps takes us a weird way, over roads really covered in ice. i was really scared we would wreck my new car.
we were almost to dana's house when i saw this cute house and made travis stop so i could take a picture. but it turns out every single house in her neighborhood is that freaking cute. and this was on elanor street! and she lives on deery! cute!

dana's house! she is at an interview at the botanical gardens so her boyfriend nick shows us around.

i love it. so adorable.

just a perfect little house.

nick took us to a junk shop called friends. i LOVED it.

it was piled high!

"real fur cat"
sat around catching up and dana finished beading her beard. i was feeling really shy about taking pictures in front of nick for some reason so i didn't take any for the rest of the night. we went to a bar for the beard pageant and all you can eat soup. the soup room was so crowded it was hard to get back in to get more, but the few kinds i tried were really good. i chickened out and didn't enter the beard pageant, but the girls who won were wearing unitards and hot pants so i wouldn't have won anyway. travis was the only guy in the homemade beard category and he got made fun of so much. poor thing.

we came back to their house and nick put on his play station karaoke game. i tried it and sang "time of my life" and got 100%! i loved it because if you do karaoke by yourself at home you feel like a loser (i've tried it) but if it's a game it doesn't seem so weird.

in the morning we went to brunch at tomato head. the cinnamon rolls were AMAZING.

i had egg rolls. which were eggs rolled up in pizza dough with delicious soysage. mmm i want more right now.

went to yee haw of course.

got two cute cards.

drove past the wig shop.

FINALLY went here. it's an antique mall, but it is mostly retro/vintage stuff! so instead of the 10 booths out of 100 that have stuff i like, almost every booth inside had something i liked!

owl hallway. cute.

kitty in the store! always love that.

PUG IN THE STORE!! this baby was probably 4 times as big as phyllis! (she is tiny) so cute. i was baby talking so much. that pug was not impressed with me. haha.

got a new dutch hex sign.

and this cute little thing for our jesus hall.

happy hour!

one more stop! can you tell our favorite thing to do? no wonder my house is so full of stuff.

this place seemed to go on forever!

great find by dana. costume party! i got some great dog pictures this weekend. i'll have to scan my collection to post soon.

i'm regretting not buying this set. i love the pop corn lady especially.

we left right as the sun was going down. we wanted to get back in time to get phyllis from my parents house since we missed her. we have a lovely trip, and hopefully it won't be six months before i talk to dana again.


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