Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Review: World's Longest Post

2010 Year in Review
for the most part i had a very good year.

see? filled with joy. haha.

now follows a TON of pictures. i tried to edit but i'm really bad at that. as most of you know. haha.

started off the year in a house that needed lots of work

lots of antique shopping for our house.

february 7th. we find rose. my love.

big snow that actually closed our work.

cute husband.

mad tea party.

porch kitty.

rose at the dog park.

many backyard cookouts.

my love forever. :)

clover covered back yard. i can't wait for spring!

travis wore this to work one day. so cute.

started wearing dresses in public. now i wish that's all i had to wear!

our feral kitty scout finally became the cuddler i knew she wanted to be.

bffs til death.

baja burrito at least once a week.

we spent a lot of time here this year. it was awesome.

session 1

then there was the big flood! we got trapped at work! our basement flooded! crystal's basement was destroyed

not my photo but had to put it in to remember how freaking insane it was.

my big 25th birthday party!

rocky horror on my birthday!

second session. love him!

beautiful rose bush came up in our backyard!

first yard sale!

anniversary trip: charlestone, asheville, cherokee, cave city...

swimming at the isle of palms.

biggest lunch ever at the beacon drive in.

cabin in the mountains.

santa land!

smokey mountains.

in finally get to sleep in a teepee hotel!

so happy to see her after our vacation!

jack white threw a bottle of water to me.

saw conan play an hour of rockabilly songs. met him and got an autograph.

hours of playing catchphrase! best party game ever!

lots of movies in the park.

i hosted fourth of july.

our first foster boy! rocky!

rock island! our favorite summer hang out.

got the best tattoo i have. it's perfection.

an old friend came to town and we met his baby.

best picture of the year?

baby brother graduated from college.

second foster dog! tux! my baby. i miss him.

dana moved out! wah!

went to the fair!

fostered a puppy! blackie!

cara moved to new york. another friend far away.

best halloween costume i've had in a long time.

travis' brother got married.

was a total nerd all year.

nashville zombie walk.

rose's halloween costume.

pumpkin patchin. alone this year. not as fun by yourself.

wore my hair curly for the first time. now i do it all the time.

halloween. most wonderful time of the year.

pugfest with my baby!

pizza date.
terrible terrible time happened around here....
the clouds lifted when miss phyllis came into our lives.

juvenile delinquent party!

ANOTHER tattoo appointment. i can't believe we were there so much this year!

used our fireplace a million times! i'm so glad we got a damper put in so we can use it.

babies first christmas!

foster pug! johnny cash!

graceland! right before christmas.

got stuck in the worst traffic i ever have.

first white christmas since i was little!
wow, looking back over my entries makes me really what a great year we had. here's hoping 2011 will even better! 

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