Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unusual Estate Sale

I have been meaning to start going to estate sales. i went to one for skeeter davis, and one last summer because it was posted on live journal. it's like a garage sale, but all the good stuff too! i've been obsessing ever since i got a ton of great vintage christmas stuff for a few bucks at the estate sale i went to last summer. so i saw an add for this "unusual estate sale" i knew i had to go. i actually went twice! here are pictures from the second day i went.

this normal looking house belonged to a couple who spent much of their lives in japan and germany and all kinds of other places. the house was full of awesome stuff! i wish i had taken pictures the day before, their was tons more stuff. this was day 3. 

i always feel a little sad when i see bins of beanie babies for really cheap. i loved them so much when i was a kid. 

ahhhhh, just what i was looking for....

this set of dishes was pretty, but still too expensive at half off. and i don't need dishes.
here is most of what i did buy!

i have a plan for these. i love them! anyone know what they are called?

new tanuki collection! i wish i would have bought more. just a buck and SO CUTE!

lots of silly stuff. that little house is for cone incense. that little devil is a liquor bottle.

cute plates! perfect to put a cupcake on.

cuter tea cups! for tiny tea that will spill on you? maybe they are just for decoration.

scampi can't resist getting in my way.


  1. hey! those are called Daruma Dolls. Such incredible finds! :)

  2. Just me here, doin a midnight archive journey ;) ..... I LOVE that pile of stuff and never heard of those bears but OH MY!! They are so cute! I'm gonna look em up online and learn all about em :)


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