Friday, March 11, 2011

Flea Market Loot

as promised! here are some pictures of the things we got at the flea market!

 scampi wants to get in on it.

yes! i've been wanting a cookoo clock forever! and this is even cuter than i imagined it!

this was marked 12 dollars. travis told the vendor "we'll take this" and he was like "i'll take 10 for it." easiest haggle ever? that enamel flower was so cute. the lady had a huge pile and was asking 20 bucks for 5 things. i kind of wish i had gotten a few more things.
for my collection. one is a foal, and one is a chipmunk (the yellowy one. see the tiny thing they are feeding? i love it!). but i can cheat with my own collection. i'm really regretting not getting this one weird picture of a pond full of ducks, then in the foreground was a huge emperor penguin! it was bizarre!

for when we work on our christmas album. of course. this is the only thing we bought at a yard sale.

flocked pig salt and pepper shakers, weird E.T. pins. I'm going to frame the bear for my craft room. i bought that bundle of glass pearls because i've been wanting to make phyllis a pearl necklace. it was only 2 bucks for the bag, and included the E.T.s

good thing one of them fit her perfectly! what a lady!

i am very pleased with our purchases. what a good flea market day!


  1. Okay I wasn't sure where to begin, but the "OOOoooo" of excitement picture at the last is so cute and is as a good a place as any to start! I love all of the treasures you found. But have to say my favorite thing of all in your post isn't a thrifted treasure at all. It is, in fact, Scampi! Holy smokes, do I love that cat! Not sure if a boy or girl, so very pretty and handsome all the same! Thanks for sharing. I'm really likin' the cookoo clock and jewelery.

  2. I love the photos. I'm new to your blog, do you purchase vintage photos and keep them in a scrapbook or use them for projects? Or just to have them around? I can never find vintage photos for sale where I live. I want to start a weird scrapbook of random moments in the histories of the average person.

  3. @marizabeth
    I've had a collection of vintage pictures with dogs in them for about two years and was always on the lookout for a vintage photo album to put them in but could never find one. then i had a moment of genius and now i've got a wall in my diring room devoted to the colletion. i put them in black shadow boxes beacuse the edges/wore parts are part of the charm for me!


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