Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nashville Flea Market

A few Saturdays ago, i happened to be off work, and travis didn't work until 2, so we though we would do a little garage sale shopping. but first of course I have to show you what i ate for breakfast.

i bought some cranberry orange scones as a special treat. travis didn't want any? weirdo.

i have to include at least one photo of phyllis per post right? 
we drove past a few yard sales and they all sucked! then i remembered that the flea market was happening!! ahh! we haven't been since last summer.

have to walk past a bunch of crappy stuff....

to get to the good stuff.

i love this booth with all the rows and piles of similar stuff.

pull travis away from army stuff.

bakelite brooch for a dollar! just needs to be cleaned up. 
i've been lusting over two like this at a local vintage shop for 35 bucks!

find some photos to add to my vintage dog collection

look for replacements for the missing dangles on our lamp. can't remember what ours look like.

if travis is this far behind me, it's usually because he is looking at a knife.

the swine barn and the rabbit barn are my favorites.

we were out of money when we saw this. next month if it's still there is it MINE.

need some diabetic socks?

finally! the perfect table for my radio in the dining room!! i've been searching for so long! i'm going to paint it red! i'll post about the rest of the stuff we got tomorrow


  1. dont monkey with another monkeys monkey! love this post and i cant wait until our sunday day trip!

  2. My mom always buys socks at the flea market...its weird.


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