Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pugs in the Park

have i said how much i love that the pugs in the park group meets every single month? we missed february because it was so dang cold! but we were back for the march meetup. i documented my day but most of the pictures sucked for some reason! but i'll post some of the cute puggy babies.

good morning! check out that moldy belly. crystal likes to call her tree stump.

pug meet up calls for dog outfits. yep, i'm that person.

i took a whole bunch of her in different things, including her sombrero and gryffindor hat. but they were blurry. boo.

pink dress it is. it's spring after all.

on the way travis realizes his shirt smells like cat pee! sick! we stop at target so he can buy a new one.

i stay in the car with phyllis. i'm always scared if i leave her in the car someone will steal her. even though travis says no one wants a 3 legged dog except us.

sweet little bow.

where the pugs are. this is before everyone arrive obviously.

travis always has to mess with the fire.
this little kid came to help him and said very seriously "it's up to us." cute.

somone brought them a cake
(this was after valentines, that was just the theme. i'm not THAT late in posting these)

see the pregnant pug! the organizer of the group has about two litters a year. i talked to her about getting a puppy after we lost rose but it was going to be too long of a wait. lucky my. and lucky phyllis.

jenna and jasper.

roxie is blind in one eye. and shy. she begs for you to pet her then ducks when you reach down.
she is so cute.

speaking of cute!

that's ernie! he tongue is always out! ahh!
after about an hour and a half we are on our way.
phyllis tells everyone goodbye.
we stop by the pet shop.
to get cat food. i feel bad that we aren't getting phyllis anything since she is with us. but she doesn't like toys, and she's not into treats, so there was nothing to get. she probably didn't care.

home. find scampi in the laundry basket.

think about cleaning up. decide against it.

watch movies with scampi instead.

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  1. I wish their was an get together event...for weird demonic chihauha mixes...because then I would TOTALLY take Newman.


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