Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Where young people go to retire." Portlandia Tour Review

Do you watch Portlandia? You should, it is hilarious! When they announced they were making a stop in Nashville on their tour I knew I had to go. The show was last night, I went with my friend Brittany and it was SO GOOD. I wasn't really sure what to expect. They played songs, played clips that haven't aired yet, talked to the audience and did some comedy bits. I had seen some reviews online of people who didn't like it, and thought it seemed unrehearsed, but I loved it! It almost felt like we were all just hanging out together. My favorite part was when they showed old photos from their computers. That sounds super lame but it was so hilarious. I got very few descent pictures, but I'm still going to show you!
Carrie Brownstein is so freaking cute. She has such a perfect haircut. If my hair wasn't curly I would have it. Here she is talking about a card she made for her mom when she was eleven.
Fred Armisen in high school. I'm totally in love with him. I mean, I was before last night, but now it is a super crush. Haha, he just seems so nice! And cute! And did you see him as Prince on SNL recently? So gooooood. And you know I have a thing for glasses.
They did this whole "She's Making Jewelry Now" bit that I really loved! Here is the video of it fro the show. Carrie said they wrote it because it seemed like they were hearing "She's making jewelry now" a lot when asking about someone they hadn't seen in a while. 
There was an audience question and answer which was just terrible. I don't remember there being even one good one. Someone asked if the "We can pickle that" skit was based on we can google that? and said something like "it took us a week to pickle ourselves and another week to unpickle ourselves." It was bizarre. Someone said "Fred can I put a bird on you?" I guess there was one good request, someone asked Fred to play drums, and it was awesome!
They sang some songs with Eleanor Friedberger. She has a great voice, I wish I had brought more cash so I could have bought her cd. They did Patti Smith's "Because the Night" (that song comes on a work all the time and I love it!),  The Doors "Light My Fire", and Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark."
They said it was the only encore they did on the whole tour, and this was the last night. They pulled one dude up to dance and a ton up people ended up on stage. Security wasn't happy about it, but it was pretty great. Believe it or not I didn't wait after for a chance to meet Carrie and Fred. I really doubted they would come out, and the night had been so nice and weirdly intimate feeling I didn't want to ruin it if I ended up waiting a long time for nothing. 
I got a poster and this great tour bag. Check out the bread box that I put a bird on behind the bag, haha.
I love the we can pickle that sketch so much! You should watch it!

So in conclusion, I thought Portlandia: the tour, was great. I'm so happy I got tickets.


  1. She's making jewelry now is one of my favorites! Every girl I went to high school with who had a baby and is no longer working has an etsy shop or is selling weird.

  2. hahah! amazing! why do you always do the coolest things ever? i meannnnnnnnnnn.....


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