Saturday, February 25, 2012

Collection 10: Deer

Here is another collection that is woodland creature themed. Deer are amazing animals, and you can find all KINDS of cute vintage deer pretty easily while thrifting. After I started writing this post I found a bunch of other deer around the house that I forgot! 
I love these little flocked deer. I found the whole family at an antique mall for just a dollar! 
These are teeny little bone china deer I found at a fancy estate sale. I think the guy with the money box was insulted when all I brought up were these tiny things.
I saw a little wall mount just like this on the Dainty Squid and I have been on the lookout ever since! I was so happy to find one at an estate sale! I keep that calendar on my birthday because I'm too lazy to change the date. And the other deer is a brooch.
Some sweet little sitting deer.
The little deer with their butts in the air are salt and pepper shakers from a national park.
I started an accidental Bambi collection. I recently added a read along record. That framed piece is a page from a vintage kids book. That is such a fun place to find art!
I love the little deer handle from this sugar bowl. I had a tea pot that matched but the cats knocked if off my shelf and it shattered. It was a very sad day. They don't knock down many things in the house, but they always seem to find the things that I like best.
So there is my sweet little deer collection. 


  1. i love the little flocked ones :-)

    1. they are a certain brand, that is a man's name. i can't think of it though! and i'm to lazy to walk into the craft room and look! haha. i love anything flocked! i have a unicorn by the same brand that is killer.

  2. The ones with their butts in the air make me smile. :]

  3. My favorites are the matching ones in the fifth picture down--they are adorable! I have a couple of dogs figurines in that style that I bet you would love...I'll try to take a picture of them sometime so you can see. xo!

  4. your deer collection is amazing. what lovely finds. i'm always looking out for deer because they are so cute but i definately havent found as many cute ones as you have!

  5. Eeek I love deer too, they just seem so cheerful and fun. I have several of the same deer in my collection, including the twin of the blue planter (mine is white). I'm envious of the teeny tiny deer, miniatures are even more adorable.

  6. It's difficult to ever get bored of pretty deer isn't it?! Be they figurines, on fabric, in prints. They're just lovely!

    Jem xXx

  7. i collect porcelain figurines and your collection of deer is AMAZING.

  8. Love them all - they're sweet!!


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