Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More nerdy tattoos!

We are a tattoo loving family over here, if you couldn't tell. Especially of the pop culture variety. Travis finally finished his zombie/graveyard half sleeve a few months ago, and got to start on something new over the weekend. I always thought he would be too chicken for a chest piece  (because I am) but he proved me wrong and went for it! Here is the before. Warning, there are lots of pictures of Travis' chest in this post. Hope you don't mind. Ha!
Don't worry Harry Potter fans, he is going to get another deathly hallows symbol somewhere else.
Tattoo day means Haribo treats. They were out of my usual so I got these fish and they were good!
Stencil on! Can you see what he was watching in the mirror? It was on theme.
For a lot of it he was fine, but he said the sternum was terrible. Our artist is Jason St. Clair at Lone Wolf. I think he is a pretty incredible artist, he does great custom work. He was even nice when Travis was having a hard time staying relaxed. I don't think I'll be doing my chest anytime soon!
Here is it! First session down!
It is an Addam's family tribute. Two headed vulture with their family motto underneath. "We gladly feast on those that would subdue us." Yes yes, we know it isn't correct Latin. But it is the Latin they use in the movie, and that is the point. Travis LOVES the Addams family, the movies, the tv show, the comic, and the creator, Charles Addams. The haunted house on his inner arm is based on their house. I LOVE his chest piece, and can't wait to see it finished!


  1. Love it! I am a fan of tattoos and Travis' new chest piece is awesome :D xx

  2. amazing! I totally need to be friends with you guys. I love pop culture tattoos! your blog is great, too. XD

    1. thank you! about half of my tattoos are pop culture related, haha!

  3. AWESOME idea. Love it. Can't wait to see it all coloured

  4. i love it!!! it's gorgeous. i'm also too chicken for a chest piece hahah

  5. ouuucch brave man, looks great! i'm coming closer and closer to considering my first tattoo, a diagram of the solar system most likely. my boyfriend wants a simpsons tattoo! x

  6. AHH! it turned out so good! I like vicariously through ya'll's tats because I am way too indecisive.

  7. Looks really cool, can't wait to see it when it's all finished.

  8. i got travis' text yesterday but i couldn't make it out very clearly. i thought it was a goat. haha. this is much better! i absolutely love it!

  9. The Lone Wolf owners are so friendly and very cool...I feel inferior next to their coolness.

  10. Whoo....that's a huge piece! I hope it wasn't too uncomfortable to get. It's going to look really great though.

  11. Awesome! Travis is hardcore :)

    I have cherry chest tattoos but I could never do a full piece...well I also like my cleavage and don't want to detract from that --lol

    I love that he has a Deathly Hallows symbol

    Oh you dorks ;p

  12. That looks awesome. Jason St. Clair is amazing!


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