Sunday, October 14, 2012


The Banana Pudding Festival happened in a town called Centerville. To get there, you have to travel a lot of small back roads. It was a part of Tennessee that we had never been through and we saw a few cute places. I know of three drive in theaters within an hour of my house, but this one is new to me! I would have thought it was closed if those weren't current movies. Don't you love their pink sign?
So cute. Maybe Travis and I can run a drive in in our old age.
I like that even the back of the screen is painted pink.
This Pizza Hut had not only this cute pizza guy, but a thing that you stuck your head through so you could be a piece of pizza, or a breadstick. Why didn't we stop?
We passed a LOT of garage sales and little thrift shops and flea markets. We decided to stop at this one. I was thinking we would probably find some cool stuff at middle of no where prices. But this shop was filled with GARBAGE! As in, a box full of paperbacks that were covered in black mold for sale. And broken dollar store Christmas stuff. And broken used candles. It was sad.
Out back they had a bunch of cute chickens! There were tiny baby ones too, I thought they were rabbits at first 
This shop was just a barn. With no lights, and dirt floors.
They had flashlights that you could borrow to look at the shelves. The aisles were really narrow, and there really was nothing there I could imagine anyone buying. It was so awkward because there was a whole family in there waiting for customers, and we were the only ones. 
I'm still waiting to find a small town thrift store treasure trove.


  1. It's such a letdown when you find a display of absolute junk!! I know the feeling .... Better days ahead....

  2. That bottom picture of the dolls in the dim lighting sure conjure up some spooky images. Did you feel pressured to buy anything?

    1. i did! but i looked and looked and there was absolutely NOTHING i could even spend a little money on. i kind of slipped out when they were talking to travis. such a cop out.

  3. what an awesome place! did you see the movie?


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