Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tough Mudder Part 2!

Picking up where I left off yesterday, I made my way up the spectator area and to this obstacle. It was called something like like Monkeying Around. 
The first thing I noticed was this little dog! He did not seem thrilled to be there. I stood and watched guys fall in the water for a while then asked the woman next to me what time the person she was waiting for had started the race. She said 8:20! Oh, so I had two hours at least to wait. Dang.
I backtracked until I got as far back as I could go. I was really worried about missing Travis and Austin in the crowd. I hunkered down in the long grass on this hill. Can you see the little trail with a few people on it on the top right? It was just far enough away that you couldn't QUITE make out the people. So I spent the next two hours straining to see if I could pick Travis out.
Here I am, wrapped in a blanket trying to keep warm. It would have been awesome if there was a food stand up there serving hot chocolate or something. 
There were probably 100 other spectators scattered over the hill trying to pick out the people they were with. Everyone was cheering on the people walking about the steep hill. This spot was about 2/3 through the course and pretty much everyone that passed looked miserable! The two women next to me had a LOOONG discussion about when it is appropriate to wear skinny jeans (with boots, and when cuffing to create capris according to them). It was riveting. 
Here they are! Travis says they were actually kind of clean here, they had done a water obstacle a little bit before I caught up with them. Austin was pretty miserable and cold, but Travis was in high spirits. About half of the people that passed had these emergency blankets.  
I waited forever to get pictures of them climbing this wall, only to find out they skipped it and went on and I missed them doing two more things! Ugh!
It was so muddy and gloomy.
Cute tutus guys.
I watched this one for a while and didn't see one person make it across! Travis says he saw a couple marines do it. 
Travis made this one on his first try! I was very proud of him! See him in the blue shirt on the right? This was a greased ramp and a LOT of people slid back down multiple times before making it.
This one was called Walk the Plank I think. I wanted to get a cool picture of Travis like this one...
But this is what I got. I especially like that he had his blanket stuffed under his shirt. This was the 20th obstacle, I think. I saw quite a few girls start crying when they saw it was another water obstacle. Also, notice the guy in just little shorts. There were a LOT of those guys, and they seemed to be doing well. Maybe because they weren't weighed down by soaking wet clothes.
Travis and Austin skipped the monkey bar thing and set off for the finish line. I had to go back to the "base" a different way. Here is one of the medic carts going by with a person completely wrapped in an emergency blanket. I walked up that path in the background, it was rough! So steep and muddy! I really wasn't cut out for Tough Mudder.
The last obstacle is called Electro Shock Therapy. Those strings hanging down are electrified and you have to run through. Travis says he didn't get shocked, which was good.
Here are my little buddies at the end with their head bands and free beers! I am really proud that Travis finished. He has been training for a few months and did such a great job.
Here are their nasty shoes. I made them sit on a blanket in the back and I drove them to our hotel. They did have showers at the event, but they were outside and cold and you had to wait in line. How miserable! You could also get a Tough Mudder tattoo there, but that seems like the worst time to do that to me. Exhausted and cold and muddy!
We went and got dinner then passed out around 9. Look at our hippie bathroom counter. Oh ayurvedic toothpaste. That magnesium bath is awesome for really. It make you sleep like a baby. The next morning Travis and Austin ate breakfast with someone who worked for Tough Mudder and he told them that the event had been one of the harder ones because of the temperatures and because it had rained before it. 
Tough Mudder really wasn't my thing, but I'm glad I went and supported Travis. I'm sure we'll be back. There is an event in Nashville in the spring that he is already excited for. This time we won't stay up the entire night before and hopefully someone will come watch with me so I'm not so bored. And I hope to actually see Travis do more of the course. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the mud. 


  1. Whowhee! That's some hard-core business right there. I admire all of them for even attempting it. I can't believe that they have an obstacle that shocks you. I wonder if anyone ever has to go to the hospital after finishing that event? That said, I'd love to watch one of these in person on a warmer day.

    1. they do have people get hurt! there medic trucks were zipping by the whole day. I don't think from the electricity though. travis said the shocks didn't hurt, it just buzzed you.

  2. oh my god! that is insane! i couldn't do it! give travis a hi-5 for me. i keep giggling at those space blankets.

  3. Holy crap. That was epic. I am terrified now as a friend a few weeks ago asked if i would go participate in a mud run with her.... ummm... no.. no i won't.

  4. This looks so amazing! You say there will be one in Nashville? Hrmm.. maybe I'll try it.

    or at least spectate with you. Congrats Travis!

    1. yeah in may! which i think will be much nicer. the freezing cold seemed to be slowing most people down.

  5. Aw at least you got to see a lovely little pup! I feel cold just looking at the photos though x

  6. Good for Travis to complete it and good for you to support him in that miserable weather!!

  7. Good for them for doing it! They are some tough mudders!

  8. I like how the dog is just peeeking out of the bad, but then I always mostly notice dogs

    urban hounds

    1. they said no dogs allowed on the site, or i probably would have brought phyllis! that would have made it more fun for me!

  9. Excuse my language but FUCK.THAT! lol

    Good on Travis...seriously he has more balls than I do. I bailed on the Survivor Mud Run I had been training for up here a few months ago and actually I am glad I did because I read how it was over 100 degrees and people were getting seriously overheated.

    I was cold just looking at the photos.

    BTW have you heard of a really cool He *And you should see if it comes near you next year and do it. You could be a zombie and Travis could race!

  10. Travis' friend is kind of a babe. Also, I like your blanket.


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