Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Flea!

 Travis and I headed out to the Nashville Flea yesterday. It was so cold! I mean, duh, it's November, but it still caught me by surprise. I didn't have any thing specifically in mind, well, except Dream Pet reindeer. Though I just won a lot of TEN on ebay, so I don't really *NEED* anymore.
 The first thing that caught my eye was this fat raccoon! He reminded me of Priscilla. We saw a cute vintage fox mount too, that would have been a good candidate for the crappy taxidermy blog. Too bad the booth owner was giving me the side eye and I didn't take a picture.
 This thing was cute and about 5 feet tall! I would love to have some Golden Girl Cola.
 I love vintage Ken. Hubba hubba!
 Have you ever seen anything like this? Travis wanted to buy it, but I wasn't sure we'd ever actually make veggie waffle dogs. But how good does that sound?
 I loved this tin shooting game! It was expensive though!
 Travis has been angling for a scooter to ride to work for a few years now. He said if he gets one, he wants a helmet like this to wear. We'll see.
 You 'odor' know!
 Of course the star of the market was all the vintage Christmas! I love that Santa cookie jar. We have one just like it, but I'm still always happy to see them out and about.
 I really want a Santa like this! But not for 135 dollars.
 I really into these little pinecone gnomes. I hadn't ever seen them until I found one at an estate sale earlier this year. I think I have five now. This vendor had outrageous prices. They wanted 100 dollars for six of them! I won't even mention what they were asking for these cute putz houses.
 The flea was so empty. For other Nashville regulars, this is the shed that is right behind the antique alley building! It is usually PACKED full! A lot of the regular vendors were there. I don't know if that was because of the cold, or the November market is known as a slow one. The market next month is the third weekend instead of the last. I hope I can make it!
 After we left the market we went to Baja to warm up. We get take out from there a lot, but hadn't sat down and eaten together in a while. It was fun. We went to the Goodwill Outlet after this, and I found a few little treasures! I'll show you them tomorrow. 
 I'm leaving for a week, alone, tomorrow. I'm going to miss this dude!


  1. That looks like a really cool market! Great pics.

  2. You had me at "Good Junk Cheap" <3 ....and seriouslyl, some folks need to get real on their prices. I guess deep down in their hearts they really just don't wanna part with it...can't say I don't rlate ;)Thanks for takin a picture at least for us to see!

    1. i love that sign, but that booth has the WORST stuff! haha, not even worth a look.

  3. Looks like you saw beautiful things - I specially like the beautiful valentines.

  4. Those gnomes are cut but that is a crazy price. People go nuts with prices at Christmas

    urban hounds

  5. I wish we had a flea market closer! When I was a kid we lived in Mt. Juliet and would frequent the one near Lebanon, is that one still there?


    1. i don't think so. a lot of the little ones around the state aren't active anymore, or are TERRIBLE> the triune flea used to be good, but not it is all pork rinds and cheap bras.

  6. Looks like y'all had a great day. I'm really excited to start going more often, especially since you said it's usually better than it was this month. I love all the photos of the cute Christmas goodies! So much adorableness.


  7. if travis bought that helmet...he and jamie could form a club of scooter less gents with american themed easy rider helmets...because he has one too that belonged to his dad in the 70s.

  8. We went for a little while on Friday...wasn't it empty?? The Mister and I had my kids with me and the flea is not their idea of a real fun time, so I didn't spend as much time as usual. As usual, I bought samplers and Pyrex. Oh, and an overpriced jadeite bowl that I am regretting pulling the trigger on. I am saving my pennies this week for an auction in Clarksville on Saturday...

  9. I love bottle brush trees - I want them all for my miniature Christmas forest!!! Also, I'm not sure I could've shown restraint with the waffle dog maker; I have never seen anything like it and I don't think I can eat another waffle unless it has a hot dog inside!!! SO COOL!!!

  10. Love the Christmas pics!! Too bad everything was so expensive, but still fun to look.

    If you have the blowmold cookie jar - you're lucky!! I've seen it on Pinterest - it's so cute!

  11. I was surprised at how empty it was this month, too. I think I got spoiled in terms of expectations by "the Big One" last month! I love that grimly determined looking $135 Santa and the WAFFLE DOG MAKER OMG. Congrats on your Dream Pet ebay victory! I live vicariously through your Dream Pet acquisitions. :)

  12. Ok.. first up. Why is that burrito he's eating green?
    PS: Those gnomes are soo rad.

  13. NO!! I have been hunting for that waffle dog iron for YEARS and YEARS!! I need it!!!!

  14. That is definitely a swell racoon

  15. Great post! This has to be my favorite thing to do. Going out with the Mister and finding little oddities. :)


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