Monday, December 10, 2012


 Here is the hotel I stayed at while I was in Naples, Florida. We usually stay in cheap places, so this was the nicest place I've ever stayed! It had a few different buildings. I was in that yellow one. I couldn't believe how nice my room was! My favorite part was the jetted tub.
 The hotel was built in the 1940's and is still family owned. It has been updated a little, but I could still see a lot of the vintage charm. I liked their logo. And the pink and white checkered walk way.
 My flight got in pretty early and dinner wasn't until 7 so I got a salad at one of the pool restaurants. This was my view from my table. Wow right?
 The blue building on the left was called patio and was my favorite. And see the pink and white? Cute.
 Whenever my family would go to the beach (every single year, I kind of hated that we NEVER did anything else. As a fair skinned scaredy cat I would always be burnt and bored, sitting in the room reading) my favorite part was searching for shells. So the dork in my was PUMPED to see the piles and piles of shells that were on the Naples beach. I brought home a big bag (and was worried they would take them at the airport? I don't know).
 The last morning I pulled this one out of the waves! I was really excited because it was about 9 inches long and perfect! But it was still inhabited, so I threw it back.
 My bag of shells on the last morning. I was hoping to see a dolphin but didn't that day. We saw a few earlier in the week though.
 They had this little shell washing station right on the walkway to my building. I loved it! 
 I mean, how picture perfect is this place? I couldn't believe it. I was really able to relax and forget about work and just focus on me. It would only have been better if Travis had been able to come.
 The sunsets were amazing since we were on the gulf side. This one was on the last night. We had just done some appreciations and everyone in our group ran out to the beach to see one last sunset.
 Another thing that we did that I probably wouldn't have ever done was take a cruise on a yacht out into the gulf to see the sunset. This is a photo in the harbor from the third floor of the boat. I felt so fancy.
 Little sail boats in the canal.
 On our way out to the gulf we passed tons of amazing homes. It was unreal. And it wasn't just a few incredible houses, we were passing them for probably a solid 45 minutes!
 This house allegedly belongs to Martha Stewart, who I love. 
 Here I am with my co-workers on the cruise. I'm glad I had a few people from my store there with me. It made me much less shy than if I had been by myself.
 We went out into the gulf to see the sunset. It was really beautiful. And a little big before there there were two dolphins jumping over each other following our ship. It was picture perfect!
Once the sun went down we retired to the second story to eat dinner and relax on the rest of the boat ride. It was way cooler than I expected.
I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about what I was actually doing there! And hopefully the sun will come out soon so I can show you some of the GREAT stuff I've dug up since I've been back. Estate sale season is winding down, but I'm going out with a bang!


  1. I would have jumped off that boat and swam to Martha.

    1. if i had seen her out on her patio or something i probably would have abandoned ship!

  2. It all looks so idyllic! This is probably a great time of year to visit Florida - the summer humidity freaks me out! These photos are just beautiful!

    1. i assumed summer was the busy time but apparently their big season is november to march. it was PERFECT. so warm and no humidity and no rain like in the summer. the ocean was a little cold to swim in, but the heated pool was much nicer with no fish touching you!

  3. that looks gorgeous. I have only been to florida once, but i loved it.

  4. Your pictures are great! Looks like a nice place to chill and focus on yourself. Such a neat opportunity!

  5. Beautiful pics! Wish I was there now ~at the moment we are experiencing freezing rain! Yuck
    I didn't know Martha had a house in Naples, I too would of jumped ship for a visit!

    1. i'm wishing i was back this week. it is finally feeling like winter here and i'm totally not into it.

  6. It looks like good times to me. So many beautiful photos!

  7. That is so beautiful, we had snow last night, that is looking way better!

  8. That is SO gorgeous. I want to stay in an old Florida hotel like that! So fancy. The bright colors of that harbor photo make the boats and the buildings look like toys!


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