Thursday, December 6, 2012

Naples Zoo

 When I was in Florida I got a chance to leave the resort and the program for the morning and go to the zoo. I had noticed it when we were shuttled in, but didn't know how I'd be able to go. Luckily there were a few other people interested in taking a little field trip. The Naples zoo is also a botanical garden, and it was beautiful! The weather was so perfect too.
 Do you see all the gators in the water? 
 Does anyone know what kind of bird this is? They are so cute, and we saw tons of them on the beach. 
 They had a station where you could feed the giraffes. I didn't have any cash to do it, but it was fun to stand and watch a few other people do it. They had maybe 7 giraffes, and this one was the most friendly for sure.
 Look at how much fun this kid is having! Dang I wish I would have done it now. Oh well. 
 The best part of the zoo was the primate cruise! You rode on a pontoon boat around a bunch of islands with different monkeys and apes. It was so fun! Our guide was great, too.

 Sweet ape face. This lady was SO loud! And cute. 
 Such a pretty ape!
 Boyfriend and girlfriend.
 Here I am with Linda and Latoya. Linda was someone I met this week. She was super inspiring and nice. And Latoya works with me, but I didn't know her very well before this week, but I know a lot about her now! It was wonderful having someone I knew to hang with. I'm a pretty anxious person so it helped a lot.
 Sweet tigers having a swim.
 I got a smashed penny to add to my collection. My favorite souvenir to get anywhere. 
 Nerd Alert
The Naples Zoo was so great. Probably the most beautiful zoo I've been too. And it was a great little break in the week.


  1. What a pretty zoo! It looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

  2. Oh I love zoo's. Its so fun to see all the pretty animals in the environment that was created for them.
    I love all their unique colors.
    Their lives are so precious!

  3. I LOVE penny press machines! We get one everytime we see one! Do you have a penny passport book?? I always write the date we were there on the back, our "passport" is almost full. Plus they are the cheapest souveniers around!

  4. I'm so glad you liked it!! I used to have a season pass but I haven't been there in about a year. My friends and I went there on senior skip day in high school lol. Everyone else went to the beach, but we were NERDS.

  5. Looks like a cool zoo. Those penny pass ports are very cool

    urban hounds

  6. I love a good zoo!!! Great pics!

  7. Great pics! I'm delighted you had fun at the Zoo. Thanks for sharing your day with everyone. The bird you were wondering about is a White Ibis.

    Tim Tetzlaff
    Director of Conservation & Communications

  8. Smashed pennies are the best souvenir!

  9. I'm getting goosebumps! When I went to Florida with my family a few years ago, (to visit some friends, plus go to Disney Land!) we stopped by this area, we went to this zoo too!
    Going on that little boat ride and seeing the moneys was probably my favourite part. When we first got in, we got to see a guy feed all the gators, it was pretty cool. Some good times. Now I want to find all the pictures I took! Oh man.

  10. Great post! I've only been to Naples once and didn't realize they had a zoo. We've been to the Lowry Zoo several times as we have a place in Tampa, Florida. I think we may have to take the drive to Naples and check out this zoo.

  11. Rad. My 7 year old collects smashed pennies too!

  12. The bird looks like an Ibis to me. Smashed pennies are awesome!

  13. i know people are all up in arms about the idea of a zoo, but i love them. there's one about 40 minutes from here and its so great. we had that awful hurricane not too long ago and the first thing i thought about was all of the animals. i was most worried about the girrafes in the strong winds. haha. dave had to do a lot of consoling that night. he eventually told me that they put giant neck braces on them to protect them. pretty sure he was lying.

  14. White Ibis, they are ssssuuuuppperrrr common around here, they travel down streets in giant flocks! (I live in Miami)

  15. Love that Nerd Alert. You look so cute.

  16. Uuuugh, I wanna go to the zoo so's too cold to hit Grassmere now though, I think! I love the pic of you and the tiger, that is classic.


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