Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pug Pajamas!

This year I decided to treat my ladies (and myself) to some custom made pajamas from the Pug Possessed shop! Debra also has a blog where she posts pictures of her six pugs! Her header right now is her gang in the same pajamas and seeing it a few times just drove me over the edge, look at Marty's face! (he is the black one) And look at how perfect they turned out!
 You must have noticed by now that I am a fan of dressing up my dogs. And they like it too, I swear! But nothing ever fits Phyllis right, on account of her missing limb. That is the main reason I decided to order these. They really couldn't be more adorable.
 Look at her posing for me!
 Phyllis' leg is killing me i this! I tried to get a picture of the back for you, but they wouldn't turn around. You would think I was beating them the way they carry on when I get more than a few feet from the couch without putting them down.
 Here you can kind of see. They look so precious running through the house with their pjs on. They seem to really like them too. You can see a little of my tree to the left. That is the only Christmas out in my house STILL. And Travis put that together. At least I wrapped presents today!
 Debra also sent me these guys! I couldn't be more thrilled! I NEVER find puggish vintage stuff and these little grumpy faces are so great! It is something I would have snapped up immediately if I had seen it in a shop! Thank you Debra! They have a good home with me!
 The only Christmas project I've tackled is finally cleaning this tree I got at an estate sale in the summer. I really like these, but didn't want to spend much. I think this one was about 5 dollars because it was FILTHY. It isn't glazed and shiny like you usually see. I had to empty my water bowl four times before it was clean.
A before and after. I'm hoping to get the rest of my stuff out after work tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be motivated! I can't believe Christmas is only 5 days away! What the heck!


  1. oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous that newman has no pug pjs...and that he isn't a pug!

  2. Okay, I am DYING for your package to arrive now! No, it's not more pj's don't worry ;)
    Those little guys are so cute and so loved.
    Lucky dogs!

  3. you cleaned the hell out of that tree! phew! i never see them for less than $20! $5 is a steal!

  4. a-maz-ing! They look adorable!

  5. Dang, those pups are so stinkin' cute. I can tell they love their pj's too. I used to follow a seller on eBay years ago just because she put a different picture of one of her pugs dressed up in every listing. She loved to put hats on them. It was a hoot.

  6. Oh my gosh they look too cute. We have a couple of pairs of pug possessed jammies and they are the best. I love that little tree (and your couch). I got to start trying to find some estate sales around here

    urban hounds

    1. our couch was an estate sale find too! it's a sleeper sofa! i LOVE it

  7. Your dogs look real cozy in their pj's - so cute...

    I love your white ceramic tree - that was a great find, I saw a new white one at a farmers market in the summer, they wanted a stupid amount of money for it!

  8. Oh my gawddddddd....those pups are KILLING me! So, so adorable in those little pajamas! I love how they're doing the same leans on the couch.

    And I vote that we scratch the phrase "the cat's pajamas" from our vernacular and replace it with "the pug's pajamas".

    Great job on the Christmas tree!

  9. My heart just grew two sizes. Could your two little fur babies be any cuter. :)

  10. Oh little kissy pug faces- your both so adorable in your jammies. Oh I wish Santa would send me some.... maybe some day.
    Your so kissables.

  11. Goodness they are cute! That tree was awful! Good for you for being able to look past it!

  12. Oh no. Pug pajamas is just TOO cute!! And that ceramic tree is gorgeous!

  13. Wow, the dog is so cute with the outfits on, I really love it.


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