Thursday, January 31, 2013

Delicious Creamy Vegan Pie!

I have not had a lot of luck with vegan desserts since going vegan about two months ago. BUT this pie is amazing. I have made it three times so far and it has gotten better every time. I love that it doesn't rely on things like vegan butter and tofu and egg replacer. Things just taste better when they are whole foods, and not super processed replacement items. 
This recipe is from Kristen's Healthy Kitchen Recipes. I bought her book at the Immersion I went too. Everything I've tried so far has been really good! She led a cooking demonstration with her six kids and husband and was super inspiring. 

 Here are the ingredients you will need for this creamy chocolate pie. 
                                      4 ripe avocados
                                      1 cup date paste (pitted dates and water blended until smooth)
                                      3/4 cup cocoa powder
                                      2 tsp vanilla
 photo 01_zps62e85de8.jpg
It is super easy. You just mix all the ingredients in a food processor until they are creamy. You add as much water as you need for your desired texture. I never have to add very much. You can serve it as a pudding, or put it in a crust. I used a store bought crumb crust that happened to be vegan because I have not tried making my own crust yet. I want to try it with a nut crust! 
 photo 02_zpsff871f30.jpg
This pie turns out so rich and delicious! The avocado is packed with delicious fat and the dates add the sweetness. I brought this pie with me to a family Christmas and those that were brave enough to try it loved it! (I'm trying to teach Travis not to go through everything that is in the food we're making before asking someone to try it. Hearing that it is avocado makes a lot of people not even want to try it, but if they didn't know, I doubt they would think it wasn't just chocolate.)
 photo 03_zpsc199fece.jpg
This time I had the bright idea to put some fresh raspberries on the piece I was eating and it made it even better! I'm probably going to do that from now on! So there you have it, a delicious, rich, dairy free pie! And even though this is pie is made with healthy whole foods, it is in no way a low fat recipe. Let me know if you try it! 


  1. I haven't tried any vegan desserts yet; I think those raspberries as the finishing touch have just sold me on this recipe though! Have you tried the Skinny B Ultimate Everyday Cookbook? Everything I've made out of there so far is freakin' awesome (plus we have it at the library). Kudos to you for keeping up with your new culinary endeavors (and for sharing them with the rest of us)!!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I've been using the appetite for reduction book, and then things i've made so far have been good!

  2. WANT!!! I love chocolate and dates together!

  3. This looks so yummy! I'm bummed Paul is allergic to avocados because I'd love to try it!

  4. Ooh, I definitely want to make this sometime! I make a pie that is tofu and melted chocolate blended together and poured into a crust, but I love that this one is avocado based. Now I'm super hungry haha

  5. I'll trust you on this one! You hit it out of the park with the quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes and that stew with the biscuits in it. The Mister is still talking about both! They were easy and soooo yummy. This one intrigues me.

  6. I will have to try the pie (I love that it has no refined sugar too). I tried Roots tonight with a friend and it was wonderful. I also bought tofu from Heart & Soy to try. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Ah! This sounds amazing, Rae!! Also- tried the stuffed sweet potatoes and loved them. SO much!

  8. oh now your making us hungry! Can we have a bite?

  9. I am far from a vegan but it sure looks tasty this is I might have to try. There is a great vegan cupcake place near us in NJ but I havent been for a while there stuff was better then most non vegan cupcakes

    urban hounds

  10. I love avocado mousse! Have you tried using medjool dates? I think the flavor and texture is so much better than regular dates. Also, you probably already know, but if you haven't tried recipes from Chocolate Covered Katie (vegan) and My New Roots (I think almos always vegan), they're both great resources. There are so many awesome vegan desserts out there!

  11. Neat recipe. WE do veggie but only the real stuff so no tofu etc.

  12. Holy cow this looks good, faving it for later use :)

  13. Hooly Dooly that looks yummers. I am seriously going to try and make it for my dinner party this very eve. Thanks dude.

  14. this looks great! if you are having trouble finding successful vegan desserts then you should DEF try — isa is a genius!

  15. You know I'm not in any way vegan but that looks delightful. I actually really like avocado desserts. That's my favorite las palettas flabor


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