Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We got an email today telling us that we will finally be able to see Phyllis and Priscilla's pictures from their 1000's pugs photo shoot sometime next week, and I am SO EXCITED. In honor of that momentous even, here are some cute pictures of my two best girls, courtesy of my instagram. 
Special treats for a snowy day! I love these little treats made of potato starch. I am a worrier and I always worry about giving them healthy treats and not a bunch of by-product crap. I feel good about these little things. Also the alligator and hedgehog ones are cute!
 Priscilla does not care about Phyllis' personal space. And I absolutely love it when Phyllis sits like that. Almost every night you will find them both in my lap on the couch just like the bottom left picture. They are pretty much in the same position as I type this, little angels.
 I can't remember if I mentioned before that they got raincoats from Travis' bother and his wife for Christmas! Not just raincoats, PINK raincoats! They are so precious and I finally got to use them today! It was making me laugh out loud watching them bounce around in them in the rain, and it was nice to not have to dry them off when they came in. Do your dogs FLIP OUT after getting dried off? Phyllis and Priscilla go crazy and run around and bark. And it snowed a little bit here last week and Priscilla was thoroughly unimpressed.
 Phyllis kills me with how cute she is sometimes. I got these plugs from Organic Omerica and I absolutely love them! I haven't bought new plugs in almost 5 years since I haven't gone up in size, but I couldn't resist the pug ones. Their site makes me want to stretch my ears more because some of those designs need to be BIG!
And speaking of 1000 pugs, I was already excited, but seeing some of the photos from other pug's shoots has made me even more anxious to see mine! I can't wait to see them start to pop up on pug blogs! Look at these from the homepage!
To me there is nothing cuter than an elderly pug. For real, give me a senior over a puppy any day!
 Ahhhhh! The one in the green especially!
I really can't wait to see the book when it comes out (Can I use the phrase "can't wait" any more in this post?). Amanda posted about worrying it would come out looking like a pug catalog, but her photos are so beautiful, I know it is going to be a work of art! And you KNOW I'll be posting Phyllis and Priscilla photos as soon as I see them. Trust.


  1. Those photos are adorable! Can't wait to see the new ones of your girls! I have never once noticed that you have plugs in your ears. How strange....where was I?? Happy Valentine's Day to you crazy kids.

    1. you probably never noticed because I have 50 pounds of hair that is usually in front of my ears! haha!

    2. awwwww, thats my kinda spam. love the christmassy snowflake jersey, totes needs to be made into a christmas card that shot x

  2. I am so excited about their star debut. I tried so hard to get my doggies in hipster puppies book a couple years ago...even though Newman was terrible non compliant (like he would never agree to wear a rain coat and it breaks my heart!) this is the second sign I have gotten today that I need to do a post about my boys. They are such a big part of my life and don't get near enough blog time.

  3. ...also naturally I love wheelchair pug!!!

  4. Our photos won't be ready until March 11 and the wait is driving me nuts! The Dallas photos are amazing. I keep going back to see them. I would probably not leave the house if all 1000 came out at once!

  5. oMg that BLACK PUGS TEETH!!!!!! he looks like one of the monsters on the monster mash game. When we were on the way home from the flea market last weekend we saw a huge fat pug slumped out on a front porch!!! He was squealworthy.


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