Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Idea for Displaying Your Vintage Photo Collection

Every once in a while someone will leave me a comment asking what I do with my vintage photo collection and I always respond with some idea and a promise that I'll post pictures of what I do. I've been meaning to post about it for MONTHS,  so today I'm going to finally show you one way I display my collection! 
I had been collecting for a while and just had my photos in a cute box, and a few on my fridge. I loved looking through them but wanted to display them. I tried finding cute vintage frames for a while but I wasn't finding stuff I liked and old photos are in such a variety of sizes. Then I had an epiphany standing in the craft store one day and bought a few shadowboxes! This wall isn't finished (obviously) but this will give you an idea!
(This wall is opposite of a big window, so I couldn't get a straight on photo without glare, no matter how hard I tried,)
My favorite are the boxes that you can put multiple pictures in. They are really easy to switch out as well. I actually haven't updated these in a while, I have some new awesome pictures that I need to put up! This wall is devoted to my vintage photos with dogs in them, since they are the bulk of my collection. I want to go up pretty high on this wall, I'm a gallery wall kind of girl.
 I love this doggy chalk board. A few pieces from my dog figurine collection are displayed on the ledges created by the frames.
 Even a picture that is a little ripped can be displayed this way. 
 That single photo of the two ladies is one of my favorite in my collection! 
 I like this big frame the best, I want to get a few more like it. Maybe I should have straightened things out before I took pictures. Oops! Embarrassingly I bought these frames probably two years ago! Then never got around to buying more. I'll make it a goal to finish this wall up in the next month or two. Shadowboxes can be a little expensive so wait for the half off sales or use those coupons! I'll show you the other way I display my collection sometime soon!
And of course I need to include the best part of my dog collection!


  1. I have never seen frames like that and love them, plus those doggie figurines are great. If only I could get the vet budged under controll Id really like to start decorating my house more

    urban hounds

  2. shadow boxes is an inspired idea for photo displays! it's looking really good, and i really like the red dado rail, but not as much as those cute wee pugs x

  3. Oh, you know I love seein your house. Bless your heart!
    I put cute dolls and small toys in shadow boxes around the house. My kids probably find me a cruel temptress, ha ha!

  4. adorable! We have a couple of shadow box framed things too, we put the pretty straight pins in the corners of the pieces that are in there. Such a cute idea


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