Friday, March 1, 2013

Flea Market Photos!

I decided to scan some of the photos I got at the flea market this time instead of taking pictures of them! My scanner is weird but they are ok with a little tweaking! This first one is probably my favorite! Look at his tail wagging!

A pair of scraggly puppies. I got a few pictures of these two. I want to find one of those little studded harnesses for Phyllis. I see little dogs wearing them a lot in old photos. 
 I found a bunch of pictures of this big black dog as well. Doesn't he look striking against the snow? I got a few of him with little children as well, but they didn't scan well. What breed do you think he is? Im good with dog breeds but the huge dark ones all look the same to me!

 I don't usually pick up color photos but I liked this one for the poodle, and what I think is a Pekinese on the couch. And of course I like Christmas photos! That lampshade looks like the one Travis didn't like at the flea market. And check out the little handmade looking elf on the back of the couch.
 And look at this little pair of pekinese (or shih tzus maybe?) sitting with their aster in the western shirt by the camper! There is an older farmer that lives near my parents that I see out all the time walking a tiny black pekinese down the rural road! So cute!
 This pair is proud of their little terrier, featuring him on the chair in front of them!
I picked up this first one because I was attracted to that big flowering bush in front of the porch, then I found the second picture of the same house with a cute curly haired dog. I love the woman on the porch too.

And last but not least, a sweet husky type dog with this eye shut and his tongue out. Now I just need to get on putting all these photos in my albums!


  1. The couple posing with their dog on the chair is the clear winner in my book. IT made me laugh aloud for some reason.

  2. Wow, these photos are amazing, I love looking at old photos, and thinking about what was going on or what things were like. I love looking at the fashion eyc. We just take a photo on a digital camera, if we don't like it we delete it. These are treasures x

  3. those photos are so great! they look so old.

  4. Holy moly. What a find. They are incredible photos. I love the first one with the guy sharing his drink.

  5. The first photo reminds me of my older brother.He and my uncle are only two years apart and grew up together.Their dog was named Pepsi because the boys would share their soda with him.My mom knew that if she wanted to find the boys all she had to do was find Pepsi,lol.

  6. Brilliant photos. I love the camping pic the best.
    I am hoping to stumble across some old slides as I have just bagged myself a Halina slide viewer.
    Emma x

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  8. I love all of them, but the couple with their dog in the chair wins my "Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality, Dog Owner Edition" award. SO. CUTE. And their clothes!

  9. I love these puppy pics! The one with snow doggie is beautiful.

    What Lola Wants

  10. I love these! Especially the couple with their dog on a chair. It seems like they're in the middle of a street too, what an odd place for that kind of chair

  11. My favorite has to be the one with the flowery front porch and lady watching her dog. It reminds me of my Grandparents old house in Kentucky.


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