Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Detroit! Part One!

Did you miss me? Ha! I feel like I haven't written a post in forever! Part of the reason is nothing was really going on. The other part is we were out of town over the weekend! We went up to Detroit for my cousin's wedding like I mentioned before. Neither of us had ever been to Michigan before so we get to add a new sticker to our travel map! Thank you everyone for all your suggestions! I'm pretty sure we did everything you guys said, except a few restaurants weren't vegan friendly, and one vintage store was closed. We ended up having a really great time! It'll take me a few posts to show you all the fun stuff we got up to!
 Our flight got in really late. The airport seemed really deserted and creepy! 
Detroit seemed like that in a lot of places. It felt totally different from home. 
I took lots of pictures of buildings. I'll just show you a few.
 This building was so creepy! Have you ever seen something so BIG abandoned with all the windows out of it! I'm sure there is a story that I could look up. I loved the big letters in front. We passed this place a bunch of times.
We used Air BnB for the first time to book our lodgings. We rented a two bedroom apartment and it was awesome! It was cheaper than a hotel and we had a comfortable place to stay, and a kitchen, and the girl who gave us the keys gave us lots of suggestions for things to do. I was so pleased by how it turned out, and I would totally suggest that site! We're going to use it whenever we travel now!
 Here we are, ready for the wedding!
Look at that black squirrel! We saw one every time we left our apartment! I got excited every single time!  I had never seen a black squirrel before! Isn't he cute?
 The wedding was on the 8th floor of a big building downtown.
 A bunch of my cousin's were there! We don't see each other very much so it was really fun!
 Our tables had so many glasses! The wedding was so fun, it went from 5 pm to 1 am! 
This photo makes it look empty but there were lots of people there! Lots of dancing (and drinking). My cousin and her new husband were so obviously happy and in love. It was sweet. I love weddings.
The best part was the photo booth! I wish these had been a thing when I got married! I totally would have had one! I love that they will print as many strips as you want so you can put one in the guest book and then take a bunch home.
And some more! Yep, Travis is shirtless in the middle one. I jokingly said he should take his shirt off and I'd write congrats on his belly. Then he did it! Of course.
So congratulations to my sweet cousin Ashley! I'm so glad we were able to make the trip up to see her get married to her awesome husband. They are going to be so happy!
And just you wait til you see what else we saw in Detroit! I'll show you some more tomorrow!


  1. We rented a houseboat in Philly through Air B+B a couple of years ago. It was fantastic value and really central - way cheaper and cooler than staying in a hotel.
    Cute shoes, by the way!

  2. Oh, neat! I've always wanted to try air BnB and also to see a black squirrel. Those are two awesome wins on your Detroit trip in my book. And I cracked UP at the photobooth pictures. Also, your blue shoes and black tights coordinating with blue dress and black cardigan, um, I LOVE THAT. Why don't I have blue shoes! Can't wait to see more from the Motor City!

  3. Love the photo booth pics! so funny!!

  4. I have yet to try AirBNB but it is definitely gonna be my go-to next time I travel. It seems like a brilliant idea. Also, I love that travis is so willing to get semi nude in a photobooth. That's what i love most about you guys. Public nudity for the win!

  5. The big abandoned building is the Michigan Central Station. You can find really neat urban exploration photography of it.

  6. Thanks Rae for the pics. Hope you guys had a great time! I HATE that I missed the family group in the photo booth!

  7. I love Detroit. I live about 60 miles north of Detroit. We do go there quite often. Yep...some spots are scary but I am still fascinated by them. I love looking at the old buildings and I wonder how they painted the graffiti along the top of that building.

  8. I love those photo booths too! Especially when you're all dressed up and in a party mood (and when they're free)!!! I can't wait to see the rest of your Motown adventures. I've never heard of Air BnB, thanks for the tip!

  9. im slightly concerned that squirrel is a bit rat like, but the rest of the trip looks fun and great photos

    urban hounds

  10. Awesome photos, Rae! Chucky & I are planning a big ol' cross-country road trip & Detroit is the one place other than Graceland that he really wants to visit so I am trying to work it into our schedule.

  11. I love these Detroit snapshots. I've always wanted to go but haven't yet. I had a black squirrel in my old backyard and no matter how many times I saw him, it was always a treasure to see him (or her).

    Thank you A MILLION TIMES for the Nashville suggestions you left via comments! Very very much appreciated! (And I will make my email easier to find on my blog!)

  12. Great pictures! I'm with you on the photo booth thing, I so would have had one in our wedding. Yours came out so good and you guys looked lovely!

  13. I have never been to Detroit. It looks so different to here in Australia. I'm gad you had a great trip. You looked beautiful.


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