Thursday, April 18, 2013

Detroit Part Two!

 The first thing we did Saturday morning in Detroit was head over to the Motown Museum. I was a little skeptical at first because the employees didn't seem to enthused and we were the only two there for our tour, but as we watched a little intro movie the tour filled up and our guide was incredible! I THINK his name was Hugh, and he was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and danced and sang! It really couldn't have been better! Well, you weren't allowed to take pictures, so that was killing me! You got to see the owners apartment how it was in the 50's, which was my favorite part! Or maybe the Michael Jackson glove, or singing "My Girl" in the studio!
We bought this Motown cd in the gift shop and listened to it the rest of the weekend. It was perfect!
 I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but if you are a vegetarian/vegan you should really download the Happy Cow app! It is invaluable when you are out of town!
 We ended up here for lunch. 
We had pan fried noodles and some crispy spicey tofu. The sauce for the tofu was SO SPICEY! Even if you just dipped the very tip of your fork in it, it burned all the way down! Travis loved it.
 We went to this local market that our host recommended, isn't their logo cute? Our apartment was on the edge of Mexicantown, and now I'm kind of regretting that we didn't eat at any of the restaurants! This place was awesome though. They had fresh guacamole in the front that you could taste and it was so good!
 The best part was the pinatas! I really wish I could have brought one home on the plane. Though I probably wouldn't have the heart to break it.
They were all over the store! These were over the produce. We bought stuff to cook ourselves dinner. That was another cool thing about having an apartment with a full kitchen.
 Then we tried to go antiquing. 
 Mantra was recommended to us but it was closed! Such a bummer.
There was a store next to it though, called Showcase maybe? It was weird. There were some cases full of cool vintage stuff, and their were also shelves full of thrift store reject stuff. And dirty fish tanks? And FOUR standard poodles running around! That was the best part! Too bad I didn't get a picture of them. There was also a "mature only" section, which I haven't seen in an antique store before. Haha!
 We just brought a few things home. Like a bag of Elvis cards. What a cutie. 
 I can't ever resist an old book with a horse on the cover! I should do a post about all my copies of National Velvet/Black Beauty/The Black Stallion.
 1900's.....step back in time.....very gingerly
You know I can't resist a scrapbook! Especially if there is writing in it! I can't remember if I noticed that it was for a Cole when I bought it. That is Travis' last name. 
 This is my favorite page! Look at that handsome fellow! And those captions! The poem is pretty great:
"Compel me not to toe the mark,
Be ever prim and true,
But rather let me do those things
That I ought not to do"
The book is full of people smiling and hanging from trees and there is a horse in there named Donald! You can tell that Mr. Clarence C. Cole and his family were a fun loving bunch.


  1. I. LOVE. THAT. PHOTO ALBUM. The little verse and the accompanying set of portraits of the same guy is SO. CUTE. I have a set of Photomat pictures like that (obviously later, like in the 40's) of a guy that I found at an estate sale, and it's just precious how he's "trying" different looks, like your guys. "Hat? No hat? Serious? Romantic? In a good mood? Laughing? Not laughing?"

    I want to visit Motown Studios some day, that's so great you had a really enthusiastic tour guide and fun. What kind of a cool historic site would that be to work at, by the way?

  2. I love tours like that, so neat!!

  3. Well this certainly looked like a fun time. And naturally, I'm in love with that scrapbook.

    Do you have P.F Chang's restaurant chains in your neck of the woods, by chance? Well I made a version of their famous chicken lettuce wraps at home...using tofu instead. It was amazing, sweet, spicy and with the added crunch of chow mein noodles inside lettuce pouches. I looooove cooking with tofu. That little soy sponge just absorbs flavors too well.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  4. As a horse book collector myself: post that collection :D

  5. Love the album.........very poetic


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