Saturday, May 11, 2013

Honeymoon Scrapbook Continued!

Here is the rest of the scrapbook I posted about yesterday
 Can you read it? It says they fished for three hours and caught nothing, then their Shell Island trip got cancelled! What a bummer! But it looks like they got a nap in there.
 Isn't that a cute goofy golf brochure? I love the "Ya'll Come" on the pennant! 
 And of course I had to zoom in on the skyride illustration! Look at those 2 pooties! Haha!
This is one of the six FULL SIZE menus that she saved. The other ones were actually too big to fit in the book! And here is the inside:
Don't you love seeing the prices of things too? 25 cents for some homemade ice box pie! What a good deal!
 Here is Roy doing some porpoise watching. 
About ten pages in it looks like Jenny ran out of patience (or time more likely!) for her scrapbook, but there is tons more stuff tucked in the pages.
I want to stay at the holiday lodge! I wonder if it is still there! Look at the great bathing suits on the front of the Long Beach Resort brochure, and the striped bag!
 Ugh, it is just too perfect! see the dining room? 
 And the pool! And that ROOM! And the turquoise wall!
 I love the fish shape around the photo of the boat. It's making me want to go to Florida!
 There are a bunch of cards and notes from well wishers tucked in there!
 I love this little part of a bigger menu. The french fried onion rings right next to the manhattans and martinis! And they are perfect for after beach parties or the dog track!
And last but not least, here is a receipt from one of their hotel stays. I hope you guys enjoyed this!


  1. I think its great ghat youa re giving something so special a new home

    urban hounds

  2. So cool. I'm so glad you are holding onto these snippets. It sucks when people's memories are relegated to the garbage.

  3. Love to find a bit of history/diary/scrapbook like this where everything was saved and documented. Glad you shared..and I want to head to Florida too!

  4. I want to go back in time and tag along on their honeymoon - the Mara Vista Coffee Shop, the Holiday Lodge, EVERYTHING!!! Honestly, it sounds like a perfect trip and I've never minded being a third wheel. Hahahaha!

  5. Oh gosh, I love these posts and I love this couple!! I'm so happy this couples happy memories are living on. I bet they wouldn't even have been able to imagine their photos being on the internet and a load of random strangers being so charmed by their honeymoon book.

  6. What a freaking gem that thing is! And I bet some of those places are still there. Hell, my Grandma's time share condo totally looks like the Holiday Lodge!

  7. The hits keep coming! Ugh, what a find. I die. The Fla. brochures. Looking at porpoises. Two "pooties". SO. SWEET.

  8. I used to scrapbook when my girls were tiny.... just as video killed the radio star, blogging killed the scrapbook. This makes me want to get back to it. I think will, Rae :)

  9. I love how she saves EVERYTHING! Reminds me of myself :) It drives my wife crazy that I save all those brochures

  10. This is SO amazing, what a treasure! And how wonderful that you have a friend that gifts you things like this instead of just scented candles and such, haha.

    I just LOVE things like this, full of ephemera. What a cute couple, and I love that she saved everything from her trip.

    Heather @ Lark & Lola


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