Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sling Time!

It is that time of year again! When it is nice enough to take the dogs on a walk, but not so hot that they are melting within 5 minutes of leaving the house! We took a short walk with them today, and of course my favorite part is when Phyllis gets tired of hopping (about two blocks) and has to get in her sling!
I love seeing a man holding a tiny dog in a sling. I bought it from TJ Maxx when I was in there looking for a trash can for work. It is by Outward Hound and it so awesome! If you have a little disabled/spoiled dog I highly recommend it!
 It was so nice out! I say it every year, but I hope we'll take more walks before it gets super hot.
 Priscilla got a little time in the sling too! Look at that face!
 In other news, my rose bush is blooming! I was wondering if it would ever start, and in the last two days it has gotten covered in blooms! I don't know what kind of rose bush it is, it was here when we moved in. Aren't they pretty though?
 And one more of Priscilla because I just couldn't resist!
Today has been a great day. It is my first day off in over two weeks where I wasn't interviewing, or working 10 hours on a photoshoot! It was nice to have nothing I HAD to do and Travis was off too! We did some vintage shopping (I'll show you soon!) and saw The Source Famliy, and at veggie dogs at the Dog of Nashville. Now we're relaxing with the dogs and watching King of the Hill. Glorious!


  1. Phyllis has the best expressions, they are both so stinking cute! You gotta admire a dude who is confident enough to carry a little dog in a sling. Good for you Travis!

  2. that sling is too cute and phylis looks so darling. im wondering did you see the star trek movie, it was really good. i have a star trek costume post on my new blog the old fashioned way some of the costumes are really out of this world

    urban hounds

  3. She looks so happy being carried around! Your rush bush is beautiful. Can you send some nice weather over to Belfast? please x

  4. That sling is the best/weirdest/cutest thing I've ever seen and I LOVE it!

  5. oh my gosh, they are so cute in the sling!!!

  6. She looks so happy in her sling! Tuni had a bag and a stroller...many choices. A spoiled disable dog deserves a ride now and then!!!!

    Emma and Sequoia

  7. HAHHAHA! That is so cute. Seeing Phyllis in her little sling made my heart melt. :)

  8. What comfort for Phyllis!!

  9. Oh my god, you're killing me with those sling photos. I love Phyllis!
    P.S. I still read every post here, I just usually do it at work (because I'm irresponsible) and I can't comment on blogs on our internet.

  10. Really cute photos!!! I want to get a sling for my dogs because some of the hikes we do with them are long and they get tired. Your roses are beautiful. I was going to plant some in my yard, but I was scared I'd kill them. :( I will just enjoy other peoples photos of their roses. hahaha


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