Monday, May 20, 2013

Flea Land!

Travis and I were both off last Saturday so we decided to take a little trip up to Kentucky to check out Flea Land. We went a few years ago during the week, but had been wanting to check out the flea market part that is only open on the weekend. 
Sadly it was NOT good! It was even crappier than the crappiest parts of the Nashville flea! Haha, we had a good time looking at the novelty license plates and bongs. There were bunches of puppies too.
 These Mr. Winkle photos were the best things we saw! Ha!
 Thankfully there is a big antique portion of the building so the drive was totally worth it.
 This booth had tons of pastel pink vintage baby/kid stuff. It looked so good all together!
The cute little doll bed was lined with precious fabric featuring a bunny reading to a baby. And check out that sweet little poodle case!
 I found another poodle box! This one was just 12 bucks! I left it behind though. 
I had this deer tea pot, and got it for a steal, but it was broken by the cats. I keep almost buying it again. Isn't the little deer handle adorable?
 This area always has tons of chalkware! I liked that little kewpie. 
I was excited when I saw this game peeking out from a shelf, but it turned out to just be pin the tail on the donkey. He is still pretty cute thought with that hat!
Look at this dream pet Shriner! I went back on fourth about buying him because he is cute and I haven't seen anything like it, but in the end I left him behind. Have you seen one before?
 I also loved these teeny little celebrity portraits in frames! They are about postage stamp size. 
And last but not least, this poodle lady with jewel eyes and some cat eye frames! I kind of can't believe I didn't pick this up! I'm trying to bring home less knick knacks. And I am a little bit successful so far. We ended up with a few things from this shop, I'll show you soon!



  2. Wow, lots of restraint! That shriner dream pet seems right up your alley!

  3. Lots of stuff to look at there, glad you came home with something!

  4. I am in love with that sheep and elephant!

  5. cool, Ive always liked chalkware particularly chalkware dogs

    urban hounds

  6. the flealand antique mall is my favorite!

  7. The poodle with the glasses, so cute!
    To bad the flea market stunk! Can't wait to see what you brought home with you.

  8. Time to pack up the car to Kentucky! Re: the poodle box: isn't it funny once you've found something you desperately wanted, you started to see it again and again, and can almost be tempted into grabbing another one? The residual feeling of "Oh, look! It's that thing I was looking for!" takes a long time to fade for me!

  9. I would have got that poodle box. so cute and I dont even collect that stuff. I've been refraining from bringing home owls. I left a couple at Goodwill yesterday but the sun catcher one I left at the thrift store yesterday I had to go and get today. It was still there

  10. i love all those little elephants— what a neat looking place!

  11. Oh my, look at all that foot lovin' goodness! Sometimes I totally get it and sometimes I don't. ;)

  12. Shriner stuff is always a rare find, its actually against the associations rules to sell anything with their logo on it

  13. Oh my god. The Mobley lamb and elephant! I wonder how much they were?! If they were under $50 and you thought you'd be back I'd Paypal you $100 right now to get them both for me, assuming I can additionally bribe you to do the deed and ship them to me! Argh!

    1. you know, i didn't even look. we go up that way kind of frequently (it's about an hour and a half away) so I'll check next time and let you know!

    2. Yay! I can Paypal you any time so you would have $$ up front!


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