Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The May Flea

So many Nashville bloggers have posted about how amazing the flea market was this month. I'm sad that Travis and I only made it out for about an hour. I waited for him to get off work, and I had an appointment to get my hair cut (after 8 months! yeesh!) so we just made a quick round. Here are a few things we saw. 
I really wanted to buy this big mug for Travis to drink his smoothies out of! But I didn't want to spend 12 bucks on it. It is pretty amazing though!
 I still love taxidermy. I just can't help it!
 I also love old bread boxes like this. 
I kind of wish we had asked about this awesome safety glasses required in this area sign we saw. It would look great hanging on my wall!
I love a shelf full of dogs and cats. Can you believe I resisted all of these guys?
 We couldn't resist this fox head from 1970 though. 
I can't wait for the flea market next month! I hope I get to spend most of the day digging through all the buildings!


  1. I'm excited for you guys starting your market season!! I would love to check out that flea- so much cool stuff. Yeh that would be a great smoothie glass. $12 is steep for 2nd hand - but sometimes I justify that type of purchase by comparing it to the cost of something similar new..

    Cool bread box. I love them too. They're just so big to get a collection!! I'm always trying to work out what else to stash in them. I have one for chargers and computer cords.. And one in one of my kids' rooms for STUFF.!!

    1. i know what you mean about justifying it versus the price or something new. I also have to be like "well i have so many cool glasses now that half of them are stored in the basement!" hah!
      We have one bread box in the kitchen, but don't eat much bread now so it is full of dog treats and supplements.

  2. Too bad you guys have been so busy. But busy means good paychecks, so it isn't all bad I guess.
    So I'll be honest, the fox head freaks me out! I bet its eyes follow you around the room...

  3. The market sure looks like the place to be-hope you get a good look through next month!

    I found an old breadbox last year, it had seen better days, I use it as an outside planter.

  4. i love those little dogs and cats

    urban hounds

  5. THE FOX HEAD. It's everything I dreamed it would be!

  6. I'm babysittin my buddy Delena's awesome 70's wooden,roll top breadbox till she gets out of her roommate situation. Someone had to step up, right? ;)
    I gotta stop buyin glasses, too. Whah whah :(

  7. That hulk hogan cup was sooooo rad


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