Monday, June 3, 2013

1938 Wooster Yearbook!

I bought this yearbook last week in Chattanooga. I actually had two in my hands but decided to just pick one out when we got up to the counter to pay. This one was dog-themed so of course it won! I kind of can't believe this is my first vintage yearbook. I don't really ever come across them. 
 The plaid cover with the scottie dog is what drew me to it. 
 It is a college yearbook, and they really stick to the theme! As you can see the front page says "A scot's eye view of the warp and woof of life at Wooster College with college yarns unraveled over the page of the 1938 Yeakbook "The Index" . And yes, pretty much every part of this year book is that wordy.
 Each section starts with a photo of handsome Angus and kind of a description about what is to follow. My favorite is the page that starts the club section and mentions Angus trying to find out what students do when not in class. To the right of him there are two sets of feet, one a man and the other a woman up on her tip toes. Pretty cute.
 The photos of the senior class are pretty standard. I got lost in the hairstyles and old fashioned names for a while. Then as I flipped to the lower classes...
 All their photos are these great candids! I haven't seen anything like that before (remember, this is my first yearbook so forgive me if this is standard in old college yearbooks). I LOVE these pages, you can see all the beautiful clothes and get more of a feel for the time than you get from just posed head shots.
 There are lots and lots of photos of people pretending to use the water fountain. Ha! I wonder if there was a specific day and they asked people to get in groups and pick something. How did they keep all the names straight? This is totally fascinating to me! The scratched out number is from the person who this belonged too. In the back there is an index telling what pages each student appeared on.
 Check out that water fountain pic! So candid!
 I like that guys sharp little bow tie. 
 How cute are their uniforms with the little scottie dog on them? 
 There really are so many great photos in this thing! I love the leaping guys and how they placed them over different guys crouching, ready to leap!
 And oh those unfortunate basketball shorts. Poor guys look like they are wearing their underwear over their shorts.
 This section is a little confusing but I think it is pictures of the dorms and who lived where. There are different pages for different boarding houses around town. Doesn't that seem strange? I like how goofy some of these photos are. The boys dorm was apparently called "The Boy's Inky" by the students.
And last but not least, you know I love those three boys riding the bike together! Do you have any old yearbooks? I think I'll have to keep my eye out from now on! I hope I can find more that are this interesting!


  1. Those shorts are cracking me up! Cool find, thanks for sharing!

  2. What is it about drinking fountain pics that are so cool? I don't know if it is a legitimate genre of photography but every time I see one I love it. This is a great yearbook; I know many people who have small collections. I have never seen them out in the wild.

  3. I am totally in love with that yearbook I seriously need a vintage year book. I love the little dog, and the name of the year book I love the PG Wodehouse Jeeves and Wooster series, its very funny, if you have never seen it you should check it out I know you would love it

    urban hounds

  4. love love love it!!! thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Cool! This is a great find. I love looking through other people's yearbooks!

  6. Ohmafreakingod. As a collector of everything 'Scottie' since I was a little girl...I'm in LOVE!!! How cute is Mr. Angus? I need to teach Pip to sit like that!

  7. GREAT! FIND! I love old yearbooks. Re: this one: Ricky Anderson looks like Clark Gable, rrrrroooow! And I was interested in looking up when people started HAVING public drinking water fountains after you mentioned the fad of having your picture taken at one-- it looks like they only date back to 1912. And the inventor, Halsey Taylor, came up with the idea after his father died of typhoid from contaminated water. The concept was to have public drinking water that was sanitary, as opposed to just having a faucet or something with a communal cup. Fascinating! It's so weird to think of a world without the things we take for granted like that.

  8. I love the male cheerleaders! They look like ken dolls!

  9. What a cute yearbook! Those poor dudes in the basketball shorts, haaa
    What Lola Wants

  10. Great cover! I only have a yearbook from the 1970s (i think). It's packed so far away in a box, I can't even locate it. It's not super interesting.

    Everyone is so well dressed. I wonder what someone had to wear (if anything) to get made fun of back then?

  11. I collect old yearbooks and I have the Wooster Index from 1942. It's full of weird hazing pictures along with all the wholesome stuff. Does this one have hazing pictures?


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