Saturday, June 22, 2013

Phyllis vs. The Lion

I bought this silly lion puppet at the Goodwill Outlet sometime last year. I have no reason to have it, but I couldn't resist! It is so cute and weird. When I was cleaning out the utility room I couldn't resist making it run around with the dogs. Phyllis was very curious about it, and I think a little scared.
 Look at her face!
 Isn't she cute?? The puppet is pretty cute too I think.
 Haha, best friends.
 She eventually took refuge behind Travis, which is funny because he was the one holding that thing.
Don't worry little pug, we've put the lion away. I still haven't been able to get rid of it. I really have no use for it at all, it is just so cute!


  1. I haven't smiled all day (yeah, one of those days) and this just made one crack :) I know that sheepish, humble pug look so well... and I don't even need to say anything about that amazing puppet.

  2. that is just too too cute

    urban hounds

  3. Is it just me, or does the puppet resemble Phyllis a bit? : )

  4. Aw she's so scared. I love her cute face. I love showing my dog new things to see his reaction.

  5. Funniest post ever. Poor little thing. Hahaha


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