Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Day In Great Detail

My Saturday started out pretty great. I put on Pandora and one of my favorite songs to dance too came on first thing! "Get Me Bodied" rules. I tried to get Travis to dance to it with me while we got ready, but it didn't work. Ha!
 Murray is very helpful first thing in the morning. 
 I took on smoothie duty. We bought a Vitamix in the fall and I highly recommend them! I have a smoothie almost every morning, and always with at least 2 cups of kale!
Supplement time! I get lots of supplement samples at work, so I'm making myself actually take them! It has lasted about two weeks so far, we'll see how long I can keep it up.
 A little selfie to show you I'm ready to go!
 We put the girls in their room and leave for our first destination...
 We went to the Belcourt to see All Dogs Go To Heaven! As you can see, they were doing a Don Bluth series and sadly this was the only one I was able to go to. I would have LOVED to see The Secret of Nimh or The Land Before Time on the big screen.
After the movie we went to our favorite place in Nashville for lunch. Their buffet is so good! Everything there is vegetarian, and almost everything on the buffet is vegan too.
 Mmmm I want to go back right now! Those hakka noodles in the middle are one of my favorite things to eat there. And those little lentil donuts in the back!
We did a little grocery shopping next. We had to pick up a few things because we were going to make some food to take to my aunt's house for dinner that night. I like the challenge of making a few vegan things to share that everyone will like.
 Had to include a shot of the cutest grocery bag I have! 
Then it was time the main event of the day! Do you follow Maddie? If you are a dog lover you are going to love it! I like her owner's instagram, thiswildidea, and his Why We Rescue project is amazing! 
Her owner Theron is a wonderful photographer and gave a really inspiring talk. The best part was Maddie running around through the crowd looking for people to pet her the whole time. What a cutie.
 The line to get books signed was so long! We waited over an hour!
 Look at that posing pro! I got to pet Maddie a few times. It was awesome!
 He had a stamp made of her paw print which is pretty great. 
It was such a fun book signing! They are going to have Garrison Keillor sometime later this year which is pretty exciting!
 We went home after that and scrambled to get our food ready for our dinner plants that night. Priscilla loves hanging out in the kitchen with us.
I made this raw vegan No Bake Strawberry Chocolate Pie from The Joy of Vegan Baking, and it was amazing! I will definately make it again before strawberries go out of season. It seemed to be a hit at dinner, there was none left to bring home!
After this we mostly just sat around and talked with my family until it got dark. It was a pretty great day off!


  1. What a day! I love this little travelogue of all the neat things you did of a weekend. Also, I'm having a grocery bag covet on your grocery bag. So jealous, bro. Where does such a thing come from?! (heaven, is my assumption)

  2. What a fun post, how awesome that you got to meet Maddie! I will have to add Woodlands to my list of places to eat while we're in Nashville next month. Anything else we should do, should see or should eat while we're there?

  3. What a lovely day! I love vegan food and restaurants (your pie looks amazing!) but I am not sure if I can manage to say goodbye to cheese. It basically the only thing keeping my relationship with my meat-eating partner together ;) Also, I need to get back on the smoothie wagon. Our crappy little single serving blender broke. Might need to invest some real money!

  4. Looks like an amazing day! You are a queen for drinking two cups of kale! I'm still stuck on spinach. Kale makes me :( in my smoothies. I'll eat it all day though! :) The doggy book signing looked like so much fun! You should've been tuckered out after such an eventful day!

  5. Ace post! I LOVE the shop guy's pose lol!!

    And Garrison Keilor is awesome- hope you get to see him..

    And that strawberry tart looks awesome.

    What's that yellow thing in the bottom of your smoothie mixer? Always looking for smoothie inspiration here!

  6. I'm exhausted just reading about your busy day!
    That pie looks heavenly...drooling a bit, sorry... : )

  7. I am so jealous you got to meet Maddie! I love her so much.

  8. Maddie looks adorable. I will have to check out the book. :) Your pie looks amazing. I haven't tried that one yet, i shall try this weekend. Joy of baking is the bomb.

  9. I actually remember seeing The Land Before Time and All Dogs Go to Heaven at the theater when I was little :) .....your bagger at the market is pretty cute ;) And once again your blog makes me smile, ooh and awe.... magnets on the washer and dryer? brilliant!

  10. wow thats a lot of supplements and the pie looks amazing. i love your instagram shots

    urban hounds

  11. omg that picture with a pug under each arm— too cute! woodlands might be my favorite place in nashville, it's so good.

    maddie on things is amazing— so cool you got to go to that. this looks like a really fun day but my real question is about whether or not you're going to give me smoothie lessons. . .


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