Monday, July 1, 2013

Khan's Desserts! Vegan in Nashville

I have made a few new vegan friends lately, which has been great. Especially since one of them told me about Khan's. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this place before! Travis and I went to check it out the other night and when we pulled up and saw the sign I KNEW I would love it! See, their logo has a pug on it!
Khan's Desserts serves sandwiches as well as dessert but when we showed up about an hour before close the sandwich menu was no where to be found so we "settled" for dessert. Oh dang there were so many luscious looking choices, it was hard to pick! I got a slice of the grasshopper cake, all mint and chocolate and amazing. Travis got a chocolate covered strawberry cupcake. I also couldn't resist a watermelon cream Oogave soda. Have you had those? That flavor especially is wonderful.
 We will for sure be back to Khan's! I've heard their surly bird sandwich is amazing. And I love an option if I want to order some desserts for a party. I've had their raw cheesecake before at another restaurant and it was out of this world!
Since we still needed dinner we headed to the Wild Cow, a vegetarian restaurant right down the road. I got the vegan nachos and dang it was good! Their vegan queso is the best I've ever had! I was so stuffed after our little food tour, but so happy about it! I'm glad to have four totally vegetarian restaurants in town now! We'll be back for sure!


  1. I want to try Khan's! That cake looks AMAZING...!

  2. Even though you know that I loves me some meat, those nachos look delightful

  3. i'm so glad you posted this— i have been looking for more nashville vegan desserts! i will definitely be going there when i get back in town!

  4. Yum YUM!!! It all sounds so yummy and the cake you chose looks drool worthy.

  5. im not a vegan but those nachos look super duper tasty

    urban hounds

  6. Chris and I had this exact same date (Khan's for desert and Wild Cow for dinner) like two weeks ago. Amazing. Perfect.


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