Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tooth Update!

I know you were all on the edge of you seat wondering how Priscilla's tooth surgery went! She ended up having TEN teeth pulled! Geeze! The vet said she still has the important ones though. Apparently her teeth weren't nearly as bad as Phyllis' so even though Phyllis only lost 4 it was a more intense surgery. Priscilla is on some light pain killers, the vet said mostly to see if makes a difference with her bad joints. I can't tell if it does. She has been sleeping REALLY deep and seems to be running around a bit more. She is made because she isn't allowed toys for 2 weeks. She keeps finding little stuffed animals and bringing them to me, then I have to take them away. Poor thing. 
The vet gave me her teeth in this silly little tooth fairy box. Aren't they gross?? Haha, this is them cleaned up apparently. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these nasty little things. Make a necklace?
If you follow me on instagram you saw a little video of this. My vet has a webcam so you can watch your dog in the recovery room. It was so sad though! Look at that pound puppy on the left! And on the right she is howling! Priscilla is a weirdo who doesn't like to relax unless she is actually in your lap. At home she will follow me around all day until she is almost falling down she is so tired. At the vet it took over an hour of pacing and howling before she laid down! And even then she never closed her eyes. Poor thing.


  1. Isn't she a cutie?! Glad she's ok now - and hope she has a good recovery... with plenty of toys later!

  2. here are some kissys and love for Priscilla

  3. what a cutie, i am glad she is a A OK I am always a wreck when my pugs need anesthesia

    urban hounds

  4. Oh she brings you toys....what a cutie pie! We hope she recovers fast and healthy again. That tooth box is funny I would just like the teeth next time.

  5. Poor Priscilla!!! Vet visits stress me out- ugh. Speedy recovery wishes!!

  6. Poor little thing! That video was so sad!

  7. Poor little Priscilla! Though, she'll feel much better without them. We had an older cat that was really, really cranky (not that Priscilla is) and once she had most of her teeth pulled, she was a whole different cat! That tooth fairy box is hilarious. And wow, being able to watch your pet in recovery is a great idea. Your vet sounds pretty awesome. When I was a kid, my Mom kept some of our dog Oscar's teeth in a pretty box on our big honkin' 70's bookshelf. Sometimes I'd open it up and peek inside and it totally creeped me out - but as an adult, I think it's kind of sweet that she kept them....though I hope that they're gone now and that I don't inherit them one day!


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