Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beach Day!

We slept in after our Disney day then headed to the beach. Huntington Beach to be exact. That is where Aaron and Valerie always go, so we were more than happy to head out there. The water was so cold! It was my first time in the Pacific ocean. Travis had a great time jumping into the big waves.
 photo 01_zpsbbf501c6.jpg
My camera was freaking out for a little while, but I couldn't tell in the bright sun. Oh well! Speaking of the hot sun, we used some spray sun screen and apparently I wasn't thorough enough! We both had weird splotchy sun burns.
 photo 02_zpsa9883589.jpg
 photo 03_zpsfc29451b.jpg
In honor of the beach, we had a super greasy lunch! Onion rings and french fries and an orange soda! It was GOOD.
 photo 04_zps70727d39.jpg
Addie was killing me in that checkerboard hat!
 photo 05_zps1a55217b.jpg
We rented an umbrella. It was a good thing.
 photo 06_zpsec4f3e31.jpg
I'm not sure how long we stayed, but it was a long time. It felt great to just sit around for more of the day. We left the beach and followed Aaron and Valerie to find a restaurant for dinner. We saw a couple cute signs on the way.
 photo 07_zps0c111e3b.jpg
 photo 08_zps2eb742ea.jpg
They took us somewhere we've been talking about for years! It is a Mexican restaurant that is Elvis themed! I feel like I haven't talked about Elvis in forever, but Travis and I are huge Elvis fans! Hopefully we'll be able to make it back to Memphis for Elvis week next year!
 photo 09_zps255cd6ed.jpg
The inside was STUFFED full of Elvis stuff! Amazing!
 photo 11_zps81d50422.jpg
How do I not have a velvet Elvis yet? I've never seen a cool one for sale actually.
 photo 12_zpsf5be5fc4.jpg
 photo 13_zps89080e37.jpg
I got in the spirit and had a Pink Cadillac Margarita. It was pretty good!
 photo 14_zps025b1327.jpg
 photo 15_zpsbe91b388.jpg
The big Elvis statue had gorgeous red glitter lips. The only thing better than Elvis, is drag Elvis!
 photo 16_zps7ba93abc.jpg
After dinner we drove back to San Bernadino. We had been talking about getting best friend tattoos since before our trip (we actually tried to get some years ago when they were in Tennessee but we couldn't find a shop that could do all four of us that day!) So we did it in California!
 photo 17_zps70c02db7.jpg
We ended up getting that bat/Mickey from the Haunted Mansion that I mentioned yesterday!
 photo 18_zps4f334789.jpg
Valerie and Travis got theirs on their arms, I got mine on my leg! It was fun, and I love having matching tattoos with good buddies!
 photo 19_zps906a2746.jpg
After tattoos we went back to their apartment and Travis and Aaron went out for a "man night." They ended up going to In and Out and talking about investing. Haha. I just took a shower and collapsed into bed.


  1. LOVE IT! I absolutely love Huntington Beach, that is where we went when my brother was living in Orange County. It is also where I got third degree sunburn that required narcotics and heavy meds to treat it. I guess no one told me that the rays on the pacific coast are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more intense. Glad you faired better!

  2. wow too much awesomeness for one post! you all got matching tattoos! that is so fabulous! loving it all, especially that ceiling covered in red sparkly lights x

  3. Love your tattoos! And that restaurant couldn't be more gaudy. Just the way Elvis would have wanted it! : )

  4. You had me at "Elvis themed Mexican restaurant"! #mustgo


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