Monday, September 23, 2013


Hey guys! I went on the BEST trip last weekend to St. Louis. And I took WAY too many photos. We went for Travis to do a Tough Mudder race, but my best buddies came with me and we had the perfect day in St. Louis. I can't wait to show you!
But until then, I thought I would show you some highlights from the past few months from my instagram. I keep thinking my interest in that app will wane, but nope, it is still my favorite thing!
First off, I've been buying lots of new dresses. Target is really on point right now, so many good dresses! The black one above is my favorite. I'm going to FOUR weddings in the next month, so I'll put them all to good use!
We went to PLAY to see Jinkx Monsoon, who won RuPaul's Drag Race season 5. She was amazing! She sang live, including two songs from Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
That is the Princess, who was one Drag Race Season 4. She is a local queen. I loved her flag dress. We stayed out until almost 3 am, which is a real rarity these days. It was fun though!
Of course we've been going to see every movie, as usual. So little comes out in the late summer! I can't wait until things pick up. We saw the 1D movie one Sunday afternoon. Travis was thrilled as you can imagine. It was fun! No tear jerker moments like the Katy Perry movie though.
We also saw This Is the End for the third time when it finally came to the dollar theater. My stomach hurt afterwards I was laughing so hard!
Here I am sitting on a dock, waiting for my coworker to come pick me up. We've started going out on Percy Priest lake after we do inventory each month (from 3 am til 11 am! ack!) It is awesome! I never knew I would love riding around in a speed boat so much! This month it will be too cold to swim, so we're talking about making a bonfire on one of the islands. I can't wait!
We got to see our baby nephew Ellis again! He was much bigger and not quite as scary to hold. I can't wait until he learns to talk and walk and we can take him places!
Speaking of weddings, I'm in two of the four I'm going too! I've never been in one before, so it's pretty exciting. Crystal and I went to Marissa's for a wedding craft night and helped with centerpieces and flower girl baskets and making a dance playlist. It was fun!
I worked on a scrap fabric banner that doubles as a great lion mane!
A Bettie Page store opened in Nashville! We went on Sunday and I got my bridesmaid dress for the second wedding I'm going to be in. Isn't it cute? I can't wait to shop there more! They had SO MUCH good stuff!
It wouldn't be an instagram post without some food! Look at this amazing dosa I got at Woodlands in Nashville! It has spiced potatoes and peas inside of it! And then you dip it in this coconut chutney. Mmmmmm.
Still going strong with my lunch packing.
I finally got brave and tried my first Kombucha while at a trade show for work. It wasn't that terrible! This one apparently isn't "real" Kombucha and wasn't super strong, but I was still pretty proud of myself. I've been a big baby about trying one.
And of course Phyllis is still here. As cute as ever.
And Priscilla is insisting on being ON me whenever she can.
They are so precious. Look at this cuddle buddies!
I've gotten to hang out with my BFF Crystal a LOT lately and I'm loving it!
I'm so happy that fall is here, and I can't wait for October! It is going to be CRAZY but fun. Do you know what you are going to be for Halloween yet? I've picked our costumes, and a few of the things to make them. I can't wait!!!


  1. 1. I miss you and Travis.
    2. I bought that black Target dress! Twinsies.
    3. What app did Crystal/you use on that last picture?

    1. It is called Pic Collage! Not TONS of good options, but a few that are cute and it's FREE!

      and I miss you too! I really hate that you live so far away!

  2. Been following you on instagram and looks like you've been having a great couple of months!

  3. your instagram feed is so much fun

    urban hounds

  4. There is a Bettie Page store IN NASHVILLE??? How is this the first I have heard of it? Have I been living under a rock? Thanks for the heads-up! And great pics, as always..

    1. it opened really recently! i wish it wasn't RIGHT downtown because it is kind of pain to find parking, but i loved it!

  5. Love that dress! That is the very same one I wore for my bridal shower...I am jealous that you have a Bettie Paige store in town! ;)

  6. It's so much fun to keep up with you on Instagram. I'm with you, it's a great app. That dress from Betty Paige is amazing, and so is the one from Target. And the picture of Travis fan-girling it up over One Direction made me laugh my ass off! So freaking funny!

  7. Yay pugs!

    I used to shop so much at the Bettie Page store until they moved all of their manufacturing off US soil and into China and now NONE of their garmets are made in America....their quality has gone way down but their prices continue to be high. They laid off a few thousand American workers as well so they won't be seeing a dime of my money ever again.

    You should try Ross also...I find the best dresses there

  8. Ahh, you look so pretty in that black dress. I'm dying! :):):)


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