Friday, October 25, 2013

Americana Hollywood Museum: Denied!

Here we go! The last little post from my trip to St. Louis LAST MONTH! Haha, I don't know what took me so long! I'm sitting here waiting for Travis to get ready so we can head to Memphis. We're going to Graceland! Ah! Butttttttt before that, here is our last stop on the road home....
 photo 01_zps45cda364.jpg
We stopped in Metropolis, Illinois again with the hope of going to the Americana Hollywood Museum. Crystal and I went a few years ago and had the best time! It is a strange place, with exhibits on Elvis, James Dean, Hollywood Monsters, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, and then random stuff like a giant finding Nemo statue, and some parrots. It is totally worth the 5 dollar admission. Sadly, it is closed on Sundays!
 photo 02_zpsae568d7c.jpg
Crystal and I were so disappointed! I think the boys might have been relieved.
 photo 03_zps3dac8c8c.jpg
Doesn't it look awesome? When we went the five dollars also covered the Superman Museum. Such a good deal!
 photo 04_zps2c9f0072.jpg
 photo 05_zpsc7d1eeed.jpg
I would love to steal that sign and chop off the words. So handsome!
 photo 06_zps15f45703.jpg
At least there were some photo ops for us to enjoy.
 photo 07_zps4419d08c.jpg
The best! I need to get this one blown up to put over my mantle!
 photo 08_zps12995d66.jpg
We saw these posters in a few Illinois rest stops and I love them so much! Forget the photo of my friends over the mantle, I want this, painted in oils!
 photo 09_zpsc7793080.jpg
It can be hard to find vegan food when you aren't near any big cities but we were pleased to find out that the veggie chili at McAllister's deli is vegan! We got it on the big potatoes and it was pretty good! I thought I would throw that out there for my fellow vegans!
 photo 10_zpsa1ae474b.jpg
We stopped at a Halloween store too, randomly.
 photo 11_zpsa0d84ad5.jpg
Travis is going to be Spock for Halloween (be still my heart!) so I wanted to check out the liscensed costumes. How hilarious does the guy on the package look! These shirts all fit terribly, and were 50 bucks! I made something that I think it going to work just fine. And I  can't wait to cut his hair and put on the ears!
 photo 12_zps9412c12d.jpg
 photo 13_zps2cd58b5f.jpg
How awesome is this photo op they had set up!! I thought it was such a good idea! Here we are giving our best Christmas Card photo smiles. Haha!
 photo 14_zps406e71f0.jpg
After this, we got serious and drove straight back to Nashville.


  1. You guys look so sad about the museum being closed. :( Love the super friend's pic.)

  2. that BIRTHPLACE OF THE CORNDOG poster is killing meeee!

    stinks it's closed on Sundays but any excuse to make more Wayne's World references is okay by me ;-)

  3. This place looks pretty amazing, your friends definitely know how to make a photo

  4. I WANT...NEIGH NEED THAT CORN DOG POSTER. When jamie and I get a place- that could seriously hang above the mantle!!!

  5. Hahaha! That last picture is awesome!


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