Monday, October 21, 2013


When we went to St. Louis we had to stop by the arch on our way home. I don't know what it is about it, but I just love the St. Louis arch. It is exciting when it comes into view! We didn't go up in it this time (once really is enough) but we went down to the riverfront to check it out.
 photo 01_zps1c2b3733.jpg
 photo 02_zps5d5987e2.jpg
There are some good photo ops down on the river!
 photo 03_zps1028cb9d.jpg
I have a TON of pictures from this little pit stop, and I bet in 75% of them at least one of us is doing an arch pose. Haha, nerd alert!
 photo 04_zps2042b793.jpg
I love these shots so much! This was also the weekend of the "spice girls pose".
 photo 05_zps44b1b349.jpg
It was a gorgeous day, and we were having such a good time! These guys are like my family, I really love traveling with them. I'm hoping we can do a group vacation again next year.
 photo 06_zpsda90c867.jpg
This teeeeeny tiny puppy walked past us while we were having our photoshoot.
 photo 07_zps3065ab80.jpg
She was so precious! My brother just got a puppy and I can't wait to go meet her. I need my puppy breath fix!
 photo 08_zps48e0412f.jpg
We walked right up to touch the arch. Travis was over-joyed!
 photo 09_zpse098035d.jpg
Look at the cute signage that was around the arch! The rainbow!
 photo 10_zps860f9f51.jpg


  1. Matthew's grandma lives outside St. Louis, I always love seeing the arch peeking over billboards as we close in on the city, it's like "WE'RE ALMOST. THERE. THANK GOD." These are the cutest snaps. I love that puppy you got to meet!

  2. Oh my gosh, it looks like you had so much fun! You're lucky to have such a great group of close friends!
    I've never been to St. Louis...someday!
    Erica :)

  3. i didn't even know you could go up in the arch?! what the heck! what i do know is how freaking cute you look in every picture! sounds like y'all had a freaking blast!


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