Friday, November 15, 2013


I feel like I haven't been doing much lately. Besides traveling and working that is. I just finished a seven day in a row stretch at work and I'm so happy to be off the next two days! Here are some of my favorite snaps from my instagram lately. That is still my favorite thing about my phone!

We went through a rainy spell in Tennessee recently. The best part of that is the pugs in their raincoats! My sister in law gave us these for Christmas last year and seriously, could they be any freaking cuter?? AND if I put them on them, I don't have to hold the umbrella for Phyllis (She isn't spoiled one little bit right?)
I got some more work done on my Audrey 2 tattoo. I sat for over 5 hours, which is the longest I have done. It was rough! I have one more session and I'm finished with it! Also, my brother got a puppy and she is puppy perfection! She is a little Australian Shepard, so she has no tail. She looks like a tiny sheep from the back! He lost his border collie through some tragic circumstances (the same thing I went through with our first pug. Very sad and very sudden) and I'm happy he was able to find this little girl at a rescue event a few weeks after. Bringing home a new little bundle really helps heal that heart ache.
Melissa over at Andromeda Vintage sent me this Spock mask in the mail recently! How sweet is that? She posted him on her instagram, and when I emailed her to ask if she was selling it, she said she was planning on sending it to me anyway! He really made my day. I'm trying to decide the perfect place to hang him. Go check out her blog if you like vintage! She finds so much good stuff!
That thing on the right is a vegan bacon egg and cheese biscuit. It is from Khan's in Nashville and Travis and I are OBSESSED. I can't even figure out what the egg thing is (tofu of some kind?) but it is delicious! We talk about going there every time we're off together in the morning. YUM.
I've been lucky and gotten to see two of the queens from RuPaul's Drag Race recently! First up was Jujubee, who I've seen live before but didn't get to meet. She is in my top three, so it was a thrill to get to talk to her! She was so sweet! And the next night I got to see Carmen Carrera! You might have heard of her, she is getting a lot of press lately about the petition for her to be the first transwoman to walk in the Victoria Secret fashion show. She was so BEAUTIFUL in person I could hardly believe it!
I am also proud of myself for going to see her. Travis was out of town, and my best friend Crystal, who usually goes to Play with me had gone the night before. A guy I know from work said he was going and would meet me there, but ended up not showing up. So I went by myself and had a great time! I didn't stay for the second show (It starts at 1:30 and I didn't want to walk back to my car at 3 am ) but it was totally comfortable hanging out alone. Not something I would have done even a year ago!
I put up all my autographed Drag Race ladies on the back of my closet door so I can be inpired by them when I'm getting ready in the morning. I've also met Raja and Pandora Boxx, but didn't get photos. I really want to see Manilla! And Alaska!Any Drag Race fans out there? I can't wait for the new season to start!
I'm also really into American Horror Story: Coven! It makes me want to dress in all black and kind of witchy every single day! Crystal has been feeling it too. That picture of us makes me laugh! You can't really tell, but I'm holding a bottle with two snakes in it. Spooky. And a picture of Murray and Scout for the heck of it.
And some pug photos, just because. Those girls are the light of my life for real. They are both sleeping on me right now, snoring up a storm. That bottom right picture is from when Travis was out of town. I let them sleep with me and it was so fun! Until about 5:30 am when Priscilla got up and kept running over me and barking. Then they were quickly banished back to their room.
So that's what I've been up to. I have been feeling really great lately. No particular reason, I've just been really happy with almost everything. Life rules right now. 


  1. Things look pretty awesome around your way! I love those little raincoats! So precious. The Spock mask is so cool, too! What a sweet gift!

  2. Who doesn't love Instagram - it's one of my favorite things on my phone too!!!

  3. How cute does Phyllis look in her raincoat. Omg!!! So rad that you are getting to meet all the Ru Paul stars. I am super jelly.Your tattoo is looking so awesome already. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. the pugs in the rain coast is just too too too cute
    urban hounds

  5. Thank you for the sweet shout out! I'm so glad Spock went to a loving home. I love following you on Instagram! Those sweet little puggie faces make my day! And if I'm ever in your part of the world, I want to go to one of those drag show with you. It looks like so much fun and the ladies are so fabulous!

  6. I never knew Carmen was transgender, just thought she was a drag queen. She was one of my favs on the show, but haven't heard a thing about her surprisingly. Not the best picture of Juju, but still love her!

    I've only still met Shangela. A shining moment in my life. Willam Belli disgusted me on the show, but he has since been my favourite with his singing career & youtube vids.

  7. I just never get tired of the pug pics! Those girls are just the cutest ever. The raincoats! I die.

  8. Ah, so jealous you got to meet the Drag race ladies, can't wait 'til they circle around these parts :D I didn't get to see the season with Willam (not on Netflix yet) but looove his videos/signing online. Also LOVE your Audrey II tat (one of my favorite movies and likely favorite movie vilan of all time) and all the cute pugness :D

  9. AAAAH! I would have gone with you to see the Race contestants!! Next time, call a gal!! :) But I totally know what you mean about "ugh, do I brave it out and go alone?" You should be proud for strutting out solo! I'm also obsessed with the photo of spock coming out of the packing peanuts-- definitely an album cover in the making!

  10. Oh pugs...I don't even know you in real life but seeing your little faces makes me so happy!


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